Mana Burn

Mana Burn

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Mana Burn

  • Level of Severity: Tier 3 - Tier 5
  • Susceptible Species: All Magic Manipulating Species 
  • Susceptible Ages: Usually most common in young adults, but this can happen to anyone actively wielding magic

Signs and Symptoms


Light Mana Burn is characterized by a heavy fatigue a sufferer may experience for a few days straight. They may only want to nap, or are hard to wake up and do not eat or drink too much. Light Mana Burn is not terribly severe, though sensitive souls may be more susceptible to headaches. The more mana that is drained from someone, the worse migraines they will experience. Migraines are often accompanied by stomach aches, and the sufferer may also experience vomiting and a high fever. 
Severe Mana Burn tends to happen more instantaneously, and depending on how dry someone's magic reserves are they may pass out or fall into a comatose state near instantly. The sufferer may stay comatose for a few weeks to a few months. In the event that they still suffer severe mana burn upon waking up - or if they never passed out in the first place - the sufferer will experience frequent dizziness and may have trouble getting to their feet. They may experience soreness all over, all paired with the same symptoms as light mana burn.


In the most basic terms, Mana Burn is either an excess of dead mana within the body or the body’s inability to properly process magic charged particles. 
Light Mana Burn has a more notable progression than Severe Mana Burn which happens instantly. After casting a spell, if the sufferer feels tired this may be a sign of light mana burn. If you notice a sufferer sleeping more than usual after doing one of the following you may want to get them to a doctor:

• Casting a large spell for the first time
• Casting more than one spell in quick succession
• Learning more than one spell at a time - this could easily overwhelm anyone into using more energy than they should
• Trying to use more than one element at a time
If you notice that the sufferer takes a long time to recover, feels significantly sluggish after casting just one simple spell or cannot process mana well enough to cast anything, take them to a doctor. They may be suffering from Chronic Mana Burn. Chronic Mana Burn is generally something that a sufferer is born with and has to live with. Chronic Mana Burn may leave a sufferer unable to cast more than one spell within a long stretch of time or unable to cast at all. 
Severe Mana Burn takes effect more immediately and is easy to spot. A caster who overexerts themselves to such an extreme extent will usually pass out immediately and may fall into a comatose state, though this is not always the case. Generally it is a good idea to take anyone who has passed out to a doctor immediately - but seek medical attention immediately if this happens.


Long Term Effects

Anyone who has received Severe Mana Burn multiple times will slowly destroy their magic sensing and processing organ. This means for Draken that they will sustain tier 5 damage to their Third Eye Gem - and Nyulop will sustain tier 5 damage to their whiskers. Their magic casting ability will be hindered for the rest of their life. 
Anyone suffering from Mana Burn for a prolonged period of time may have damaged their magic sensing and processing organ and/or have received Chronic Mana Burn which is something they'll have to live with for the rest of their life. 
Severe Mana Burn may very well severely damage the sufferer's ability to cast magic. The Tier 5 damage caused by Severe Mana Burn damage magic organs in a way that is not physically visible. See the information on Tier 5 damaged Third Eye Gems and Tier 5 damaged Whiskers for in-depth explanations.


The only cure for Mana Burn is rest, preferably in an area where magic is not often actively being casted. Rather, this is the easiest known cure for Mana Burn. There is no known medicine that will speed up the proper flow of mana within the body. 
Usually, if the sufferer can get ahold of a Drakesprite - if they have one themselves or a friend has one, they are said to help significantly speed up the healing process. Since Drakesprites can recycle dead mana quickly, they may help those who are having trouble processing mana in their bodies - or they may help draw the dead mana out of the sufferer. 
Drakesprites with pure white scales or fur can generate their own mana particles, but generating new mana particles in the presence of someone who has trouble processing them can be very dangerous. Be sure to confirm what kind of Mana Burn the sufferer is experiencing before generating new mana particles in their vicinity.