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The Locations in Kladeon


Whistler Crest

Mayor(s): Gale Breezesong and Hyndrel Chamberlain

History/Culture:  It is a quiet town with a hastily growing population that surprisingly consists mostly of children. The adults in the town are welcoming and make life easygoing and peaceful. Whistler Crest has quite an interesting culture about it because of this.

Landscape/Climate: The scenic town of Whistler Crest is located between the Morray Mountain Range and the Cobey Desert. In Whistler Crest you can find four large buildings that serve as the housing for most residents in the town, but smaller houses dot the town for other residents to live in. The town experiences a long and cold dark year, leaving them with a much shorter time to enjoy the warmth of light year and it's bounties.

Map location: TBA

Demographics: Mostly populated by standard Nyulop and Draken, the ratio of Draken to nyulop being about 3:2. Some dwarf and Leporid nyulop can be found here, and even a few dual element Draken!

Population: ~1000



(New Prosperos)​

Mayor: Margaret Maisel

History/Culture: The name of the town can be translated into many meanings but mainly "Golden" is that comes to mind. Some say it's from the rich culture and architecture or perhaps the way the sunlight settles against the sand at the end of the day- others say its because the town is home to many thieves and their guilds or gangs who often prosper in this town.

Landscape/Climate: The town itself can be found just on the border of the Cobey Desert, close enough to benefit from the warm winds but far enough out to still have fertile land for farming. The town is fairly small, not much bigger than Whistler Crest in comparison. Varkery are also more common in this town than others due to how close it was established near the desert, the Varkery's native home.

Map location: TBA

Demographics: It is almost exclusively populated by Leporid Nyulop, though you can find the odd standard or Dwarf there as well. The only Draken that can be found in the town are likely just passing through.

Population: ~900


Channelium Faith​


Mayor(s): Annie Fox and Anne Stead

History/Culture: Channelium Faith is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Kladeon. Known for its longevity and rich history, Channelium Faith is the center of Spiritualism within the continent, and a haven to all those seeking refuge from the turmoil and changing world around them. With a focus on connections and bonds with the world of Spirits, Channelium Faith prides itself on being the most earthly and otherworldly place one can find in their travels. 

Founded on a reverent movement which focuses on a balanced relationship between citizens of Kladeon and Spirits, Channelium Faith upholds and promotes the belief that Spirits exist around us and both the ability and inclination to communicate with those willing to hear and see them. Many Spiritualists believe that contact with Spirits is not only possible, but necessary, in order to retain balance within our world and that of the Spirits.

Landscape/Climate: Despite having greatly urbanized over the past several decades, Channelium Faith upholds the ideal that growth is necessary, but not detrimental, and that urbanization does not mean the destruction of nature. In fact, the city has numerous large trees and other flora growing intertwined within the cobblestone and brickwork of the streets and houses. The citizens live cleanly and consciously, mindful of the impact they leave, and that their actions directly effect the mood of the Spirits. 

Map location: Located in the far East of Kladeon

Demographics: Mostly populated by standard Nyulop and Draken, the ratio of Draken to Nyulop being about 1:1. Some dwarf and Leporid Nyulop can be found here, and even a few dual element Draken! It is a very intermixed community consisting of a wide array of species. 

Population: 10,000+

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