Shopping District

The Shopping District


Welcome to the Shopping District. Please exercise caution when exploring, it gets quite busy here during the day!

Location: North-West of the Town Center
District Opening date: June 1st, 2017
Management: The Whistler Crest Council

NPC Owned Shops:
Oren's Forge: February 25th, 2019
Remy's Pet Shop: February 25th, 2019
Atlas' Trading Post: July 1st, 2018

Player Character Owned Shops:

The Shopping District has been the passion project of the Council since day one. When Whistler Crest was first founded, it was a small township that barely qualified as such, and there were aspirations to build it into a bustling settlement with a self-sustaining economy. With the sudden isolation and disconnection from outside communication, the growth of the tiny market was stunted. Thankfully, over the years, outsiders have traveled to Whistler Crest and joined the community, bringing with them ideas and skills that have slowly helped build this growing town. Currently, the Shopping District is an ever-expanding collection of businesses, all which help give Whistler Crest its unique identity.  


Council issued Code of Conduct:

• Magics of any kind are not permitted on the premises. Should you use magic while in the market you will be escorted out.
• Physical or verbal aggression in any capacity is unacceptable and you will be escorted out.
• Prices in stalls and shops must be approved by the Council. 
• Wares and valuables which enter the marketplace must be approved by the Council. 
• Domesticated companions with certification may enter the premises with their owners.
• Weapons carried in the marketplace must be appropriately sheathed for safety. 

Where Would You Like To Go?

This shop is owned and operated by Remy, Whistler Crest's resident farmer. He tends to all manner of domesticated critter and only provides the very best! All of his critters are Council certified and ready to go home with you!


The forge is an important fixture in the Whistler Crest community, as is its owner, Oren. This master of all things metal is a skilled craftsdraken and happy to create a wide array of shiny weapons for enthusiastic teams and soloists! 


Atlas' Trading Post

The trading post is an interesting mix! Here you can purchase items that randomly come into stock on the first of the month thanks to Atlas, or you can trade items with other members of the community. It's up to you!


Alternatively known as Whistler Crest's cash shop! Items purchased here are extremely rare!

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