The Radiant Amelio Collection

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The Radiant Collection


Radiant Amelio Phenomena

What are Radiant Amelio Phenomena?

As many of you know, in universe upgrades are referred to as Amelio Phenomena, or APs. These are unique sudden and often unexpected changes to your character's physical appearance. They reflect key changes in them and are an indication to others of their personalities and achievements. Radiant APs are ones which are usually inaccessible. They are bestowed to members rather than characters.  Radiant APare  usually  based off of something that the mod who made it considers special to them, be it based off of something in real life, something theyve created themselves, or another piece of media that they really love!

How do I use a Radiant AP/Upgrade?

You simply follow the guidelines as you would any other upgrade. RAPs are found on the Rarities pages of species' upgrade directories.

How do I get a Radiant AP/Upgrade?

This is where things get interesting! RAPs are given as gifts by members of staff. RAPs are rewarded to members who are supportive, kind, helpful and considerate of their fellow members. These are creators who produce quality content and are active in the community in some way. These are not given out to the most active members, or the members who post the most art to the gallery, but to members who do their best to be active to some degree in art making or on the community Discord server.  They are also often given away in free raffles, YCH raffles, or as random giveaways in the Discord!

How can I let a member of staff know I'd like a specific Radiant AP/Upgrade?

This is where Wishlists come in! Wishlists are an idea we've been playing with for a while and are happy to actualize in some way! Wishlists will allow members to list items, companions and AP they are looking to get! It is our hope that Wishlists make trading easier, make finding partners for trade items like Friendship Bracelets quicker, and allow staff to see what sorts of RAPs might be desired by members. You can learn more about Wishlists here!

Radiant Gifts

What are Radiant Gifts?

Radiant Gifts are anything given to you from a member of staff. This could be a custom character, companion and even rare and otherwise inaccessible items! 

How do I get a Radiant Gift?

Radiant Gifts are awarded for the same reasons that RAPs are. For outstanding behaviour, fantastic conduct, and at least mild activity within the community. This could be in creating content or interacting on the group's Discord server.

How can I let a member of staff know I'd like a specific Radiant Gift?

You can add them to your Wishlist!