Unlimited Colors

Unlimited Colors (Standard)

Level: 25

Name: Unlimited Colors
Release: May 1st, 2019
Type: Standard
• Level 25
• Draw a side by side before and after image showing the change!
Description: Maybe too much color...
Application: You may add ANY COLOR to your character, besides pure black or pure white. You can use this upgrade to add as many new colors as you want, and also use it to change around their existing markings. Unlimited colors can be reapplied whenever to completely change all colors on your character, if you so like. Their eye, mana organs, paw pad, mouth, inner ear, and exclusive upgrade colors cannot be affected by this upgrade. Use the Rarity Editor to change exclusive upgrade colors. The added colors/markings are not allowed to look as defined as already existing upgrades and cannot be in specific shapes.

For example, you may not use this upgrade to give your Nyulop any of the following:
• Star-shaped markings
• Heart-shaped markings
• Rosettes
• Flower-shaped markings
• Or anything else that is a defined and distinct shape.

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