Chaos Markings

Chaos Markings (Other)

Category: Other AP

Name: Chaos Markings
Release: November 1st, 2018
Type: Limited Edition
• Level 0
• Character you are applying this to must have participated in at least one entry of Halloween Havoc II
Description: AAHH!!...Sorry, you scared me!
Application: Give your Character orange markings like in the picture above. They do not ring around the entire eye, but these markings do cover the eyelids. The size of the spike should be no bigger than the picture above, and must be on the top of the eye - not the bottom or the side. This marking can be any color of the rainbow. The marking may not be pure white or pure black, refer to the official rules for more information. You cannot use the Color Mixup to mix this color to other parts of the body.

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