The Energysent

The Energysent

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Across many civilizations on this planet, there is a legend regarding the Greater Energy Circle that states:
Life gives way to life
But when the Circle's balance is disturbed
The resulting energy creates it's own twisted version
We call them the Energysent

Energysent are beings that resemble Nyulop and Draken very closely. Some say that the difference is in the eyes, others say that the difference cannot be spotted and that they blend in perfectly alongside us.
Energysent are not born, but created directly from the Greater Energy Circles energy. It is said that sometimes they come in the form of eggs, sometimes they come in stone-like objects... and sometimes, they even come as-is - as full creatures.
Energysent, being created from raw energy, appear to be much more powerful than natural life on this planet. It seems that control of the energy they came from is as natural to them as breathing is. It is said that if you ever encounter an Energysent of any kind, that you treat them with the utmost respect so as not to incur their wrath. You will not win the exchange.

When separating Energysent into categories, they are most often referred to with these terms:

Fire: Flamesent
Water: Streamsent
Wind: Galesent
Earth: Terrasent
Lightning: Boltsent
Ice: Crystasent
Destiny (Positive)/Lucky: Fortunesent
Destiny(Negative)/Unlucky: Misfortunesent
Creation: Createsent
Void: Voidsent
Space-Time: Deitysent


Life-Elementsent are uncommon, but not as rare as the other Energysent. Life-Elementsent can have special abilities normally not found in Draken and display a better mastery of their element than most naturally born creatures.


Destinysent are not creatures you wish to encounter, ever. As Nyulop only have slight luck changing properties, Destinysent take their luck to a whole new level. Destinysent are able to rend timelines with ease, and change the course of one timeline for good. Destinysent aren't seen often, and for good reason.
The Destiny circle rarely experiences enough energy overload to produce an Energysent, but when they do... it means something bad must've happened.


Createsent are seen as bringers of good will and joy, but their presence on our planet and others is a massive problem. It is said that a Createsent may not be seen for centuries on end if we care for our planet correctly. Some see Createsent as omens for bad things to come, but others celebrate them as life-giving demi-godly beings.
Their powers are largely unknown, but said to be terrible for the fate of even the universe if seen in full force.


Should you ever see an Energysent from the Void Circle, you are to turn tail and run as far away as possible, as fast as you possibly can. Never face a Voidsent, unless you wish to be wiped off of the face of our universe.
Run, for it doesn't matter what you leave behind. You will not remember it.
You will leave no friends behind, because you will not remember them.
You will leave no life behind, because you will have never had a life to begin with.


Deitysent should never exist, for the Space-Time circle is kept under constant maintenance by the higher powers that preside over it. 
For a Deitysent to exist means that the fabric of the universe has torn in half, and that everything as we know it will soon come to an end, potentially to be ripped to shreds by the breaking of the Greater Energy Circle.