The Adult Rite of Passage

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The Great Rite is a rite of passage undertaken by Draken and Nyulop transitioning from teenage-hood to adulthood. It is a ceremonial undertaking which sees a significant change in Draken or Nyulop's social status within their community. They are no longer viewed as a "child" or "teenager," but is now seen as a full-fledged adult, and therefore it becomes socially acceptable for them to take on more adult oriented occupations and lifestyle choices. It is symbolic of a Draken or Nyulop's growth and maturity.


This coming of age ritual requires a lot of the Draken or Nyulop's active participation. They must first seek out an Advocate. This individual must be 1) an adult themselves; and 2) a trusted and beloved person in the life of the undertaking Draken or Nyulop. The Advocate will act as the proponent for the participant, standing with them as the ritual is done, and giving The Mark of Adulthood to the Draken and Nyulop to officiate the transition. 

From there they must request The Grand Rite from the leader of the community. In the case of Whistler Crest, which has two leaders, this request must be made to Gale and Hyndrel, both of whom must accept the request. This request is made as there is some setup needed for the ceremony. A podium at the center of the community/township must be erected and a long green carpet rolled out. The participant will be walking up this carpet to the podium where they will be read an ancient text by the overseer(s). 

Once the request has been accepted, the community will be brought together to witness the ceremony, which will be overseen by Gale and Hyndrel. The accompanying Advocate will walk up with the participant and at the podium will need to express their support for the participant and will sign for them as well as giving them the mark.


How Is The Great Rite Undertaken?


All members of the community must sign their names in the Book of Rites. This is a large tome which contains the names of all adult members of the community, and which needs to be co-signed by the participant's Advocate. Each community within Kladeon has their own Book of Rites.



What Is Being Signed and What Is The Mark?


The mark is another symbolic gesture, by which the Advocate places their hand in a mixture of plants and berries (creating a sort of paint) and placing that hand on the center of the participant's chest. This mark indicates a symbolic Blessing given by the Advocate, which wishes good luck and fortune in adulthood. The mark is generally washed off later, but sometimes the bearer will keep it on as a symbol of their newly granted adulthood. (see the rarities upgrade page for either species if you intend to apply the mark onto your character for longer than just the ritual!)


For group mechanics, this paint is pure white, and cannot be moved with color mix-up in any way. This color also cannot be used anywhere on the body aside from this one marking.