Holidays in Klaedon

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Seasonal Calendar


Common Terminology:

Kladeon: This is the continent on which Whistler Crest's township can be found. It is a massive expanse of land which extends far beyond what the citizens of Whistler Crest know.

Bright Year: This refers to the half of the year associated with more lively activities and nature. This encompass March to August. It is thought that Spirits are less active and more docile during this time of year. You will often hear phrases like "Be happy it's Bright Year!"

Dark Year: This refers to the half of the year associated with somber times. This encompasses September to February. It is thought that Spirits are more active and prone to laying Curses during this time of year. You will often hear phrases like "Be wary it's Dark Year!"



February 4th — February 25th

Despite Heartsgiving falling during Dark Year, it is often seen as the advent of Bright Year as it boarders the month of March. Because of this, many are often feeling more hopeful and happy, seeing as the snow begins to melt and greenery slowly returns to the world around them. This often makes the hearts of Draken and Nyulop swell with excitement and passion!

Because of this, feelings are often expressed more openly, and as such a focus on both platonic and romantic love is praised. Customs arose to match this seemingly universal feeling, with the sending of gifts, the catching of Heart Bettas and the harvesting of freshly growing Heart's Desires. Baking is an especially popular pastime during Heartsgiving, and the idea of giving baked goods to loved ones is extremely popular.

It is not uncommon to see Draken and Nyulop showering their loved ones with praise, gifts and affection. What better way to usher in Bright Year than to fill the world with love, positivity and happiness!


Starsail Festival

June 1st — June 30th

The Starsail Festival is a unique celebration that owes its creation to the citizen's of Whistler Crest. Despite this time of year often being associated with stargazing and astronomy, Whistler Crest Council and citizens view this time as celebration for when their township was born. The stars shimmering high in the sky overhead at night are viewed as Blessings themselves! Especially with the yearly meteor shower that rains across the skies for multiple nights. 

In celebration of the creation of Whistler Crest, a month long festival takes place that sees many activities. Stalls are often opened on the outskirts of town, hosted by members of Council, offering a variety of activities for citizens to enjoy. Regional snacks are made and devoured by Draken and Nyulop, toys are made available for the children, and Koals are worn as festive garments. 


These traditional garments are long, sleeveless tops, which symbolize purity. They are often modernized into personalized articles of clothing and are considered choice attire for adult Nyulop (although Draken wear them too!). The festival ends with the tradition of making paper boats to sale out across the lake. Citizens watch as the boats drift away...perhaps towards the stars themselves! 


Hallowturne (Halloween Havoc)

October 1st — October 31st

Hallowturne as it is known throughout Kladeon is a time often associated with harvest. In years past, this holiday moved from being centrally focused on the process of harvesting crops for the coming winter into the more somber focus on the stark change between the lively summer to what is widely considered to be the dark half of the year. As such, a growing focus on more spiritual elements arose and a great deal of focus fell on the Spirits themselves. 

Over time, this focus became not so much about the need to harvest as it was about the need to give some of the harvested abundance to the Spirits. It was believed that not sharing some of this with the Spirits would result in their anger and disdain. In order to avoid having Curses befall those who could not give harvest, costumes were employed to confuse Spirits. Masks would be worn to keep Spirits from recognizing those who could not give to them and this would protect Draken and Nyulop from succumbing to the wrath of these angered Spirits.

As many traditions do, this changed from something frightful to something fun! Many cultures across Kladeon adopted the idea of wearing costumes as something festive and enjoyable for all ages. Much of what is seen today stems from ancient beliefs and fears, but has been reworked into something fun and exciting for all! Despite how much more active Spirits are thought to be around this time of year — in the Darkened Year — many still aspire to have fun!


The Time of Kindreux

December 1st — December 31st

The Time of Kindreux is an annual festive time of year commemorating the fantastical stories of two spirits of generosity. These entities from ancient lore traveled far and wide to spread kindness and charity in the coldest and harshest of seasons. 

In the most traditional narrative told by Draken and Nyulop, both of these entities traveled to a small town nestled at the base of a foreboding mountain range. The winter had come on strong and sudden, burying most of the town in a thick blanket of snow, leaving them with little time to ready themselves. Cold and struggling to find food, all hope seemed lost until two mysterious strangers arrived, and with them Blessings of the rarest kind! They provided the townsfolk with sweet and delicious foods, warm blankets and a single seed. This seed, as the story goes, was planted in the dead of winter and it grew into a might oak. This tree was special, though, and it provided bountiful fruits for harvest which continued to feed the town long after the cold and bitter winter months ended. Thanks was given to the kindness of those strangers...who seemed to disappear as mysteriously as they had arrived. 

Today we celebrate the whole of the month of December, recounting stories of The Grand Giver and the Bestower, while giving to others to show our love and appreciation for them. Despite the cold weather, we keep warm by the kindness and generosity we carry in our hearts.