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Isle of Xaaida

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This role is referred to as the “Leader of the Isle.” This role is acquired by an Elder from the Council by nomination from the previous leader. Succession of this role will see the previous leader step down and the new one take on the mantle. The Leader can originate from either village.

The current Leader of the Isle of Xaaida is Kizis.

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Figure Heads

The Isle of Xaaida is overseen by their assembly of Elders. Similar to the Leader of the Isle, Elders fulfill a specific role on their Council, monitoring and acting as a decision maker for a specific segment of their communities. These Elders succeed their predecessors by nomination and vote. When an Elder steps down they will recommend a successor, that successor is voted on by the communities, and either will or will not take the role of the previous elder. If deemed unworthy, the villages will propose several candidates and voting will ensue. Everything is handled democratically.

The current Fishing Elder is Nibì.
The current Herder Elder is Saila.
The current Hunting Elder is Lasia.
The current Foraging and Agriculture Elder is Tapyire.
The current Lore Keeper/Storyteller Elder is Vahk'asha.

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History on the Isle of Xaaida is passed down orally from one person to another, so the best way to learn about it is to listen to stories from the elders.

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Climate & Landscape

The Isle of Xaaida is a massive island encircled by several smaller islands. The main island is home to large mountain ranges which see annual snowfall, thick boreal forests housing massive evergreen trees, and rivers which all lead back to the ocean. The sheer size of this island may lead some to believe it’s a continent itself! But the island inhabitants are quite adept at traversing it, able to protage their canoes and travel waterways, having a very good understanding of the Isle’s layout.


The Isle of Xaaida sees varied weather, with hot and humid summers to chillingly cold and snowy winters. Winters appear to last the longest in this region, with spring, autumn and summer following respectively. The variety in weather and terrain has made the islanders very hardy and capable of withstanding whatever nature can throw their way.

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It is believed that the Island houses an almost 1:1 ratio of Draken to Nyulop.

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Xaaind Marks

One of these symbolic markings can be found on all of the islanders residing on the Isle of Xaaida. Each symbol is part of a runic system which represents a key force of nature or the unknown in Xaaidan culture.

All members may choose one (1) marking to apply to their character. This marking is to be applied on their application image. Culturally, the Isle Elder would mark the newborn with a symbol the Spirits say represents them. You may choose one of any of the below symbols and apply them anywhere on your character.

Each symbol can be hallowed or filled. Some symbols even have an alternative listed alongside them. You may choose one (1) of them to apply to your character. This means that if you're choosing to apply "Soul" to your character, you may apply one of the two variations shown.


The symbol may be any colour you choose so long as it is not pure black (#000000) or pure white (#FFFFFF).

Available Markings

You can click on the buttons below to find enlarged transparent versions of the symbols!
(Feel free to make use of them!)






















Applying Markings

When applying markings it is important to remember that the marks are not meant to be large. They are hand-painted by an Elder on your character. They remain the same size, even as you grow, rather than growing with your character.

Markings should range around the size shown in the example. They should not be exaggeratedly large or small. 

Once you have decided on and applied your marking you can move onto the next step!


Remember that islander characters go on these templates, not the standard ones!

You can refer to the standard MYO Guides as islander characters abide by the same rules and colour palettes.

Am I required to bond my character to an available creature?
No, you are not required to do so, your character may remain bondless.

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Creature Bonding

In the Isle of Xaaida, it is common for inhabitants to undergo a ritual known as Xaaind (Z-eye-ind). This ceremony effectively bonds your character with a particular creature which also lives on the island. You are eligible for one (1) creature to bond with from the provided list of creatures. This list may expand in the future, but for now you must abide by the provided list

This creature is considered your partner. They will grow alongside your character and assist your character in playing a role within the community. When designing this creature you MUST follow guidelines regarding that species’ colours, patterns, and overall design. You may take some creative liberties, but we should not be seeing creatures that are normally grey and white being pink and orange!

As more time is spent on the island, more bondable creatures will appear!


Eligible Bonding Species









Crested Wistol




Basic Guidelines for your Creature

  1. You may choose to include the creature in your character's application.
    If you choose to do so, remember that the creature should be a baby, like your character!
  2. The creature will grow relative to your character. As long as your character is a baby, they will be too,
    once you've grown your character they will grow alongside them.

​3. Creatures do NOT need their own application or approval.
You are not required to submit anything specifically for them.

  1. You do NOT need to always draw your character with their creature.
    They can be apart from one another.
  2. When applying the mark to your creature, please remember that 1) the mark should be the hand/claw/paw print if your character; and 2) should be the size of their hand. The marks should not be exaggeratedly small or large, they should fit your character.


Xaaind (Xaainding)

This is a unique feature to the inhabitants of Xaaida, by which their magic allows them to create a deep and everlasting bond with a particular creature. This bond allows them to communicate with their creature, have an emphatic connection and be capable of performing great feats when together. 

It is believed that the magic of Xaaind is a gift from the Isle’s Guardian Spirit...a mysterious entity which resides deep within the thick arboreal forests, watching over villages as they appear.


Xaaind Mark

This is a special marking, or hand print, given by the Draken or Nyulop to their creature. The mark binds to the skin of the creature through magic and acts as a tether between them. When in proximity, or while working harmoniously, this mark will glow with the light of the Spirits!

You may choose to bond your character (apply their mark) at any time. 

Bonding with creatures is a form of unique magic that’s exclusive to this region.


Your Bonded Creature

When it comes to your creature, here are a few important things to remember!

  • Creatures are NOT considered pets in Xaaida culture. They are companions, friends, family. They work along side you in a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Islanders NEVER use reigns or leashes. You don't control your companion, they are treated with respect.
  • Your creature has its own unique personality. It bonds with you. Once the Xaaind Mark is applied they can even communicate with you!

A common Shargo saddle. It is designed to provide comfort for the Shargo and their rider.

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Contains the following

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