West Isle Village

Village inside The Isle of Xaaida

Can be home to characters.

West Isle Village

The Western village lives more inland than their coastal counterparts, preferring the forest and mountain scape to the rivers and waterways of the Isle. They are known for their agriculture, foraging and their proficiency with woodwork and stonework.


They often times provide the raw materials for houses and canoes to their Eastern trade partners in exchange for fish, medicines and clay pots.

The West Village is known to set roots for five years at a time, packing up like clockwork and moving to another location. They do this in order to preserve the nature around them, and to allow it to reclaim areas they have worked over. As such, their housing is designed to migrate with them, being able to be easily taken down and reassembled as needed. They're migratory, and move as the Spirits suggest, making sure to never negatively impact the nature around them.

Despite this lifestyle, they are never more than an hour or two’s walk from the Eastern village, to ensure trade and communication can be maintained. Both villages live harmoniously, as is the will of the Spirits, and share the island elders as their council. The Leader of the Isle of Xaaida is voted upon when needed, and the Elders take on their roles to oversee their respective areas of expertise. When a member of council is ready to step down, they will nominate a member of either community to take their place, and the villages will vote. Should that nominee be chosen, they will take on the mantle of that Elder’s role. If they are not chosen, the villages will collective nominate candidates and vote until a new Elder is found.

Carved knives are a staple for hunters. The blades are made of worked metals and the handles are ornately carved and decorated bone. Each knife is hand-made and unique.

The residence of the Western village are known to be prolific hunters and gatherers. Working alongside creatures such as Vertois, and employing the use of handmade weapons, they are quite adept at locating, stalking and hunting their prey and using their tools for capture.

They are able to navigate the forests with ease and capable of creating tools from the wood, stone and metals they acquire, as well as working leather into items such as satchels. They often trade these things with their Eastern counterparts.

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