East Isle Village

Village inside The Isle of Xaaida

Can be home to characters.

East Isle Village

The Eastern village lives more on the shores of the Isle rather than within the dense forests like their inland counterparts, preferring the easy access to water and fertile lands on the shores to the thick forests and rocky mountains. They are known for their fishing, collecting and their proficiency for crafting clay pots and plates.


They often times provide the cookware, domestic tools and medicines to their Western companions. They provide these in exchange for raw wood and stone materials.

Those living in the Eastern village know more sedentary lifestyles, with their homes being made of wood and stone, acting as more permanent structures. This is because they live just shy of the forests and mountains, in large open fields that lead to the shore, which is felt to be less invasive. The waterways are where they fish and gather things such as seaweed, mollusks, algae and other materials which can be used as an ingredient in medicine to treat ailments like chronic pain, infection and fever. They will often commune with Spirits for help to locate materials.

Despite this lifestyle, they are never more than an hour or two’s walk from the Western village, to ensure trade and communication can be maintained. Both villages live harmoniously, as is the will of the Spirits, and share the island elders as their council. The Leader of the Isle of Xaaida is voted upon when needed, and the Elders take on their roles to oversee their respective areas of expertise. When a member of council is ready to step down, they will nominate a member of either community to take their place, and the villages will vote. Should that nominee be chosen, they will take on the mantle of that Elder’s role. If they are not chosen, the villages will collective nominate candidates and vote until a new Elder is found.

Harpoons are used during fishing. These hand-held weapons are made of wood, leather and bone!

The residence of the Easter village are known to be prolific fishers. Working alongside creatures such as Makabà, and employing the use of canoes, they are quite adept at locating schools of fish and using their handmade nets and harpoons for capture.

They trade fish, medicines made from materials they locate within and alongside the waterways and ocean, and sewn netting and clothing to their inland dwelling counterparts. Things they hand-make are decorative and often feature beautiful bead work.

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