Sing Songs



Known Creature Details



Pronounced: sing-song
Female: Boo | Males: Doo
Babies: Poof
The average SingSong is only about five (5) inches tall, and will only weigh a few pounds.
They are small, nocturnal creatures who come out to sing and play at night. They feed mainly on sweet berries and sometimes bugs. They are known to come out in large numbers at night and often can lure Draken and Nyulop with their songs and glowing lights. The songs the sing sound like a soft flute or woodwind instrument and need a large group to make any sort of music


SingSongs are naturally a pale blue, and when they are happy and sing, they will emit a glow from their bellies. When upset, they scream and throw things around but when frightened unlike most creatures they will screech loud enough to confuse the attacker and try to fight them. This is a rare thing since they tend to be outgoing and curious. Their defenses do not affect each other. Breeding habits are unknown.