Known Creature Details



Pronounced: Boo-doo
Female: Boo | Males: Doo
Babies: Poof
These little creatures are normally around seven (7) to nine (9) inches tall, and can weigh six (6) to nine (9) pounds. BooDoo are best known for the unique way in which one refers to multiple of their kind at once. For each BooDoo in a group you add an additional "Doo" to the word. So, for example, if you see four (4) BooDoo you would refer to that as BooDooDooDooDoo. No one knows where this comes from.


BooDoos are wild creatures often found among fruit plants and trees. BooDoos are skittish little creatures, that will screech and wack those who get close with their tails. There is a domesticated version of these guys but they are rare and are often seen as unwanted due to how they are overly clingy to their owners. They are vibrant colored except for the tail and a spot on the forehead. These traits often are what tells a domesticated one and a wild apart as domesticated ones tend to have bright tails and forehead spots.
The diet of these creatures consists of leaves, berries, and any type of plant they can basically fit in their little beaked mouths. BooDoos are herbivores and need various forms of fiber. Many Varkery handlers will often keep a certain handmade pouch that can hold a few at a time so that they may feed their Varkery treats. Sadly, Varkery do enjoy eating them.