Klaedon, Town

Aureum (New Prosperos)

"Where the hardy live in the desert heat."

Interested in travelling to Aureum? Make sure to have your ticket ready! In order to travel to Aureum from another location you will need to purchase and or acquire a Aureum Travel Voucher. 

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Margaret Maisel.

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The name of this resilient town can be translated numerous ways, but the most popular word is "golden." Some say it comes from the rich culture and architecture, while others propose it originates with the way the sunlight settles against the desert sand and dunes at the end of each day, and some even suggest is is the result of New Prosperos seedy underbelly where thieves and their gangs can be found. Regardless, this town is thought to be one of the oldest in Kladeon, home to residents who have withstood countless storms, fires and raids. Despite the hardship they face, the people of New Prosperos are proud of their home, and will dutifully defend it

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Climate & Landscape

The town itself can be found just on the border of the Cobey Desert, close enough to benefit from the warm winds, but far enough out to still have fertile land for farming. The town is fairly small, not much bigger than Whistler Crest by comparison. Varkery are a common sight around town due to the desert home being beneficial for them, being their native home. New Prosperos is warm and dry year round, seeing minimal precipitation, but thankfully there are natives who know some Water Magic!

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New Prosperos is almost exclusively populated by Leporid Nyulop, though you can find the odd Standard or Dwarf there as well. The only Draken that can be found in the town are likely just passing through.

Population: ~900

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