Whistler Crest

Klaedon, Town

Can be home to characters.

Whistler Crest

"A growing central hub, ready to rebuild."

Interested in travelling to Whistler Crest? Make sure to have your ticket ready! In order to travel to Whistler Crest from another location you will need to purchase and or acquire a Whistler Crest Travel Voucher. 

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Gale Breezesong and Hyndrel Chamberlain.

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It is a quiet town with a hastily growing population that surprisingly consists mostly of children. The adults in the town are welcoming and make life easygoing and peaceful. Whistler Crest has quite an interesting culture about it because of this. With a steadily increasing population, Whistler Crest is now aspiring to replace the lost Alcion, in hopes of reconnecting the continent of Kladeon once again.

Being a newly established settlement, Whistler Crest is not yet large enough to be referred to as a city, but is a growing township ready to take on the role left by the fall of the former Center City.

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Climate & Landscape

The scenic town of Whistler Crest is located between the Morray Mountain Range and the Cobey Desert. In Whistler Crest you can find four large buildings that serve as the housing for most residents in the town, but smaller houses dot the town for other residents to live in. The town experiences a long and cold dark year, leaving them with a much shorter time to enjoy the warmth of light year and it's bounties.

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Mostly populated by standard Nyulop and Draken, the ratio of Draken to Nyulop being approximately 3:2. Some Dwarf and Leporid Nyulop can be found here, and even a few dual element Draken! It is quite an interesting mix!

Population: ~1000

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The Shopping District

Underneath a bright red and white striped tent is Whistler Crest’s bustling Shopping District! It was the passion project of the Council since day one. When Whistler Crest was first founded, it was a small township that barely qualified as such, and there were aspirations to build it into a bustling settlement with a self-sustaining economy. With the sudden isolation and disconnection from outside communication, the growth of the tiny market was stunted. Thankfully, over the years, outsiders have travelled to Whistler Crest and joined the community, bringing with them ideas and skills that have slowly helped build this growing town. Currently, the Shopping District is an ever-expanding collection of businesses, all which help give Whistler Crest its unique identity!  

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Notable Locations

These locations are found within or around Whistler Crest.


At any time, assuming it's safe, members may travel to these locations. If a series of items are listed in a location, that means that they may be found by travelers while exploring. Have fun and be safe! You never know if there's a Mountain Pieshu around...despite how big they are.

Old Train Station

Just south of Whistler Crest, hidden among the trees, lays a derelict train station. The wooden station building is nearly falling down, with rotting boards barely staying up and a mess of debris littering the floor inside. Plant have overrun the train tracks, which are currently unfinished. Parked in the station is a black train, long abandoned and still. Many of the train cars’ windows are broken and furniture is broken and falling apart. A variety of animals and insects have made the station and the train their homes. Despite the state of disrepair, it’s rather peaceful.

Whistler's Lake

Following the river near the Outskirts’ forest to the south-east of town will lead to the Whistler’s Lake. Surrounded by forest, the mirror-like lake is the perfect spot to spend hot summer days. The rocks surrounding the lake can be slippery, and the waters can get as deep as 65ft (20m) at their deepest point, so caution should be exercised in these parts. But aside from that, the water is perfectly safe and calm, and an easy place for beginners and children to swim in. Local species of fish can be caught in the waters as well, so Whistler’s Lake could be a perfect place for a summer barbecue! Near the end of summer, Whistler Crest’s Starsail festival brings many citizens to the river and the lake to set paper boats on the water so they can send their wishes to the star Bowe. The mirror-like surface of the lake provides a gorgeous view of the starry sky for the festival.

Shrouded Forest Path

On the edge of the Outskirts’ forest and leading westward to Morray mountains is the Shrouded Forest Path. The path seems to have been well traveled at some point, appearing to be carved by those that once traveled it, but it has clearly been overgrown as of late. The dirt path has been overrun with weeds and grasses and a variety of plants, including some that aren’t common in the Outskirts, crowd the road. Prism vines hang down from the branches above and crawl down the trunks and roots of the trees. Trees lining the path cover the sky above with their leaves, only allowing dappled sunlight through small cracks in the canopy.  The area is teeming with life, plant and animal. The bushes are often rustling as some animal rushes by, though some shadows seem rather… large. Caution should be exercised when traveling the Shrouded Forest Path. Dangerous creatures lurk in those woods…

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