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12 February 2024 (4 months ago)
High Council
Welcome to the WhistlerCrest Staff account!

This account is solely for moderation purposes on site, and other group functions. Please direct any questions you may have for the group to our Discord Server.
If you wish to contact the team privately, please reach out to the staff email here: wc-support@whistlercrest.com, or DM a High Council rank mod on Discord

We provide a channel for asking questions directly to staff if you have any other questions about the group.
We thank you for your interest and/or support!
We're always happy to provide a fun and enjoyable experience to our amazing community!



6 Ringel
66 Capella
410 Mana Dust
Pikoo S2: Blue
Base Slot MYO Key: Draken
Base MYO Slots Box
testing ticket
No pets owned.
No weapons or gear owned.

Characters / Pets / Mounts / Bonds


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