What is an Astralit?

Those who travel amongst the stars...


Formed from the cosmos itself, Astralit are said to have once been starfarers, floating along in the ever expansive blackness of space. It was believed that they were born from a primal cosmic entity, who sprinkled them about in the inky darkness like so many brilliant shining stars.

It has long been told that a colony of Astralit built the constellations viewed in the night skies above Kladeon, that they created these beacons of light for the travelers in the dark. They pulled and strung the stars in beautiful designs that we still see today.

But what do the Astralit believe?

The Astralit communities of today believe in ancestral proto-Astralit who lived amongst the stars in space. Like modern Astralit, there were three main Orders which related to the birth of stars, the creation of black holes and of planetary bodies which all existed in the inky blackness of space.

These precursors would evolve into the three main Orders of Astralit we have today: Light, Shadow and Gravity. There is a rumored fourth Order, based on rogue debris and spatial ice, but they are rare to see if true.

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Are they still connected to the stars?

There are a few features believed to be remnants from when their kind lived in the Above.

All Astralit are born with a round or oval “palm sphere,” or "palm star," which can come in an array of colours and are believed to be the First Star in the constellation they will develop into adulthood. As they grow, more palm stars will develop along their forearms, adding to their constellation. These marks are known to glow vibrantly when an Astralit casts their Mana.


Elder Astralit can develop numerous star spots which creates beautiful star maps on their bodies. When trying to hide among Draken and Nyulop (as Astralit are a reclusive kind, and rarely integrate themselves) they will cover their constellations through the use of clothing or a concealer which is a mixture of earth, water and various plants for dye.

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Astralit Eggs and Starlits

Astralit eggs, known alternatively as star seeds, are spherical in shape and have black shells which are dotted with patterns of sparkling white, yellow, pink and blue star specks. The eggs develop star rings as they mature, which leads them to float, hovering inches above whatever surface they're placed on. These star rings glow and feature a large orbiting star that pulsates to the rhythm of the unborn Starlit's heartbeat.

Astralit eggs are often kept in shared nests referred to as star clusters. Communities will work together to help care for unhatched eggs and newborn Starlits. It is believed that each new member to a community adds a star to their constellation, and with each additional star they glow brighter as a collective

This stage of life is sacred to Astralit.

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