The Great Rite

The Great Rite

The Great Rite is a ceremonial rite of passage which sees a Draken or Nyulop go from teenagehood to adulthood. This ritual is a significant change in the status of a young Draken or Nyulop's life as it is treated as transition from one stage of life into another. It is purely symbolic, but is a cross-continental tradition from the old world, and one which many settlements and cities still undertake.

We would like to take this time to tell you that The Great Rite IS NOT a requirement to signify adulthood for your character, it is purely optional! You can choose whatever age you deem appropriate for your character- this includes making them an adult (18+)- without having to go through The Great Rite to do so. We will not lock any content behind The Great Rite (with the exception of The Mark of the Great Rite)

However, when you choose to grow your character, you will receive a message that will give you the option to go through The Great Rite should you desire that for your character.

Reminder: It is NOT required to make your character an adult!

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Why Should I Partake in The Great Rite?

Well simply because you want to! There isn't any content locked behind The Great Rite (with the one exception listed below) so the only reason to partake in this tradition is because you would like to have your character experience it. Characters who like things to be official or who like ceremonies come to mind! You can do it for plot, for character development, whatever you wish! Have fun with it!

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Who Can Partake in The Great Rite?

Characters that you have put onto the grow-up template and have been approved can partake in The Great Rite, which means NO CHILDREN. Even if you have aged your character up past eighteen (18), they can still partake in The Great Rite. So do not worry about missing out if you chose to make your character an adult, you can still partake in the tradition!

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How Is The Tradition Performed?

Characters you have put onto the grow up template, who choose to undertake The Great Rite, have a few requirements to meet before they are considered an adult. These requirements can be performed through three (3) prompts, which can be split up into two parts; the Preparation and the Ceremony
For the Preparation phase, this is the list of prompts that can be drawn to undertake the ritual, but you only need to choose two(2) of them to fulfill the requirements needed for this part. You can choose to draw your character:

​• Requesting permission to undertake The Grand Rite from a settlement leader.
• Giving your blessings to a Spirit of your choice.
• Choosing your advocate.
• Packing for the trip out to the forest.
• Going on a mini-quest into the nearby forest to collect the materials for the ceremonial paint.

In lore, all of these events will have happened in order to go through with The Great Rite, but only two (2) of them are required to be drawn. The third and last prompt will always be the Ceremony!
You aren't required to do the two prompts in any set order. The only rules with prompts are as follows:

  • The first prompt should include at least a 250 word story in the description which describes the scene/setting in detail. The drawing portion of the prompt should be at least coloured and have a simple background.
    • The second prompt should be at least coloured with a simple background.
    • The third and final prompt will showcase the character receiving their mark from their advocate at the ceremony. You should try and give a good view of their newly acquired mark!

All submissions for The Great Rite can be posted to the general folder.
The Great Rite is the ONLY way you can acquire The Mark of the Great Rite upgrade.
This upgrade can be found in the "Other" category for Draken and Nyulop.

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