Seeking the Guardian of the Lake
A pilgrimage for those who wish to enrich their local ecosystem...



Crumbled, long forgotten statues and shoreside shrines dedicated to Samarra are scattered among the long grasses surrounding the unsettled side of Whistlers Lake. Many are beyond repair or recognition, seemingly ravaged by the passage of time and lack of upkeep.

Based on research that Tobias has done, it seems that most of these stone remains are from before the town was founded, built by paws and claws of long ago. From records he has recovered, Samarras rough general appearance, and what they represent and protect have been revealed.

This spirit is believed to be a guardian of the large local lake, an embodiment of water, and healthy aquatic flora and fauna. She is thought to appear both at high noon, and at midnight, when both the Sun and Moon are at their zenith. She is described as very gentle, though highly defensive of her environment and its wellbeing. The records state that even children have visited them before for her Blessings, proven from a tattered hand-drawn sketch of several Drakling and Kits sitting on the massive spirits claws and back.

The Pilgrimage This pilgrimage is different than most. Due to Tobias's discovery of Samarra appearing to him briefly after cleaning off some of the overgrown rubble, and appearing at the times written down, its been determined that the Spirit has been dormant due to neglect of her effigies, and lack of visitation. All ages may visit Samarra to be Blessed, though children must have an adult accompany them due to how far from town they have to travel. Children may only receive one Blessing upgrade however! They can visit again once grown to receive more, if they wish! Submissions for this pilgrimage must be fully finished. They must be shaded and have a detailed background. ​ Your character may receive tier 3 injuries from this quest. It's not very dangerous, however there is sharp rocks, and other various obstacles that can form hazards along the way.


"It is of the utmost importance that you remember to be respectful of all Spirits when on this Pilgrimage. Fae spirits are always in communication with the Guardian of the area! Word travels quickly, so actions that may have caused grievance with a Fae, can very well cause grievance with their Guardian as well!"




​Name: Samarra
Pronounced: Sam-arr-ah
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female, Neutral
Classification: Guardian
Affiliation: Water
Alignment: Neutral, Gentle
Active: 12 A.M. and 12 P.M., Spring through Fall

• Jetstream
• Rejuvenation
• Hibernation 

Height: 10'11" (top of head)
Weight: 880lbs 

• Mudbug Tail
• Mandibles
• Multiple Limbs
• Blessing
• Curse

Shrine Location: Deepest point of Whistlers Lake



The Lakebed Shrine

Shrines dedicated to Guardian Spirits are known to exist in many locations surrounding Whistler Crest. Much like the mysterious Munerith statues, and the newly discovered Samarra rubble is unknown when and by who these shrines were built.
Visually, Samarra's shrine is nowhere in view. Only by rowing a boat to the middle of the lake, will you be able to catch a glimpse of the sunken roof and surrounding collapsed pillars that make up the Guardians shrine far below in the deep.


Shrine's Altar

Traditional shrine altars have a very simplistic design. Usually they consist of a flat surface on a thinner slab of cut and smoothed stone, creating a table-like structure. At the far back is the Altar Window, this consists of two slender stone pillars supporting a cut rectangular piece. This area is usually decorated with bells, chimes, candles and flowers. It is believed that the purpose of these windows is to see into the realm of the Spirits. 


Prayer is usually undertaken at the altars, and offerings to Spirits are left on the flat surface. Surprisingly, these offerings are usually gone upon the next visit...

​Currently, nobody has gotten below to Samarra's shrine altar as its very deep down, far deeper than one could hold their breath. But if you did make it, you would find a small, traditionally shaped shrine table in rough shape, lovingly draped in many old, old necklaces. 

To be Blessed, to be Cursed


Should you desire to be Blessed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. You must find where the crumbled statues lie, by the lakeshore.
2. You must clean off a statue, and carve a necklace made of wood or stone respectfully taken from the environment around the statues.
3. You must stand in the water at exactly noon, or exactly midnight, and call Samarras name, holding the necklace offering for her.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Blessing and one of the Blessed APs.


Should you desire to be Cursed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. Go the the lakeshore with a necklace carved from materials around the area.
2. Pollute the water, or purposefully disturb the peace of the area (throwing mud, scaring wildlife, ect).
3. Encounter Samarra in her active period, and break the necklace offering in front of them.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Curse.

Samarra will not curse children, as they may pollute or scare wildlife and not mean to do so.


Munerith's Blessings

You can locate these upgrades in the "Other" tab of the upgrade directories for all species.




Dare you take this Pilgrimage?

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