Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

Here at Whistler Crest, we try our utmost not to be too demanding of our members. We love giving you the freedom to express yourselves! But, as with every group, we must lay down some ground rules to make sure that everyone is able to feel comfortable and safe within our shared environment. Please review these guidelines to ensure you are well versed in the rules of conduct.

1. Respect your fellow townsfolk!

This should really go without saying, but here at Whistler Crest we want to perpetuate a safe and friendly environment for everyone to have fun in. In order to keep in line with our vision, we want you guys to treat each other with respect when pertaining to group activities, art related to the group and other team ventures that we will be holding in the future. 

If you are having trouble with a member in relation to group activities or the group in general, we will always accept notes from our members in order to try and sort things out. We don't take lightly to people disrespecting each other, especially when it has to do with our group!

2. Do not trace or steal art!

We do not condone stealing and/or tracing other people's artwork. Referencing is alright, but heavy referencing is not acceptable. You may reference and trace someone's art for practice, but please do not post it here and expect it to count for EXP. Actually, please do not post it here at all. 

As this is a website based around the posting and enjoyment of art, outright stealing and let alone tracing is very looked down upon here.

3. If someone tells you to stop, stop it.

This goes hand in hand with our 'respect others' rule, but we feel that it is important to state it outright. If you are holding a conversation with someone about the group or in our discord server and they are uncomfortable with the topic, please stop talking about it. If they tell you to stop talking about it, stop. 

People should not be forced to be subject to topics that make them uncomfortable, especially when this group is all about having fun.  

This does not mean we condone censorship, but you shouldn't go out of your way to make someone feel bad when it's clear that they aren't having a good time.

4. Do not make duplicate accounts!

If we find any duplicate accounts, the characters and EXP gained by those characters are not valid! 

You may not make extra accounts to give yourself more character slots! That is cheating, and will be treated as such. 

If we are informed or find out about duplicate accounts, the offender will be warned.

Anyone who is warned three times will then be issued a ban.

5. If you switch your account, note the group!

We've had instances of this happening before, but if you decide to make a new account and switch to it entirely, note us so that we can get everything taken care of. Nothing on your account is "account locked", so to speak!

6. We are not a place to promote hate!

We are glad that we can gather so many wonderful people with a fun concept! While we realize that some of our members have had unsavory experiences elsewhere, we ask that you do not bring them here. Rather, do not talk about other groups and other people so casually in a hateful manner. 

We ask that you don't spread hate because Whistler Crest is about enjoying what we've got here!

6-2. Absolutely no spreading rumors or slander

This means that you should never spread harmful rumors or slander about community members, members or staff or outside communities. These sorts of things are against the codes of conduct we uphold in Whistler Crest and are a punishable offense. Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow members.

7. Keep it PG-13!

As this group's primary audience is high school age children, we ask that you do not draw graphic depictions of violence. You are also not allowed to draw graphic depictions of sex or sexual activities.

We do not tolerate any sort of overt sexualization of characters. And, by extension, children characters are NEVER to be sexualized. This means no art or written content which may be suggestive in nature.

Overall, use common sense when it comes to this rule. If you would not see it in a PG-13 movie, it is not allowed here. 

PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Contains material potentially unsuitable for children 13 and under.

7-2. Sexualizing Characters 

As Whistler Crest is intended to be a PG-13 community, we do not tolerate any sort of overt sexualization of characters. And, by extension, children characters are NEVER to be sexualized. This means no art or written content which may be suggestive in nature.

Additionally, Draken and Nyulop are not meant to have human-like anatomy, meaning they should not feature prominent hips and chests. Musculature in all genders is fine, as they are based on mammals and reptiles, which can vary in stature and tone. This means your characters may be pudgy/fat, lithe or muscular, but should not have traditionally human-like anatomical features like prominent hips, chests, elongated legs and other similar attributes. If you're uncertain about anatomy, you are welcome to review the species guides found on the site or ask mods on the Discord server!

8. When you receive a mod message, take it to heart!

Any messages from the users listed on our staff bar should be considered a mod message! 

When one of us tells you that something is wrong, we hold it to you to change it! 

This can be anything from behavior to color or upgrade design. 

We ask that you please reply to notes or comments, but if it is serious it will never be stated in a public comment!

If you continue to ignore mod messages and break an art related rule, we reserve the right to void the EXP you would have gained until the issue is fixed.

8-2. Direct messaging mods

Our staff team does their utmost to be available to the community when needed. However, our team is made up of adults attending school and working, so some may only be available at certain times of the day/week. Please keep this in mind!

The server is the only place standard questions should be sent. If the question is something that can be answered by any mod then it should not be DMed and instead asked in the Questions channel. An on-duty mod will answer you much faster than an off-duty one

If there is an issue which you are not comfortable asking publicly, you may use the new anonymous message system on the front page found on the front page of the group. 

If there is an issue which requires immediate attention you may direct message a member of staff whose status is set to online. Mods with an Away or Do Not Disturb setting are to be considered unavailable.

8-3. Double Asking

Simply put, if one member of staff answers your question/informs you of something, you are not to seek a second opinion from another member of staff. All members of staff are in agreement when it comes to decisions made.

Should you feel that the answer/information provided is unsatisfactory, you may either note the group or use the new anonymous message system on the front page.

9. Pictures must be submitted to the correct folder in order to count for EXP!

If submissions are not posted in the gallery they will not be counted towards EXP. Entries must be submitted so that a mod/admin can verify the EXP earned. This can be easily rectified by simply submitting it — there's no time restriction here. If you forget to submit an entry, and even if it's been a month or two, you may still submit it. This is, of course, assuming there was no set deadline. If the submission was for an event, you will no longer be eligible for event-based rewards/prizes, but you may still submit that entry to the General Art folder and gain EXP.

10. NEVER sell Whistler Crest items for cash!

Please only use the Trading Post or the appropriate channel on Discord for trading items between members!

Otherwise, this will result in an immediate ban.

11. Special adopts and pets may only be sold for their original price!

If you bought a special cash raffle, flat sale or auction Draken, Nyulop or pet of any species you may only resell them for their original price. 

If you are unhappy with a special character or pet that you may have dropped a lot of money on, you are welcome to resell them to get your money back but they may not be any higher priced than you bought them for. 

For example, if you bought a Nyulop at $20, you may resell them for $20 but the price may not exceed $20.

12. Slots cannot be sold or traded!

If you win or buy a MYO Golden Key, it counts as an item. 

If you use the item, you gain an extra slot and it is consumed. A MYO Golden Key that has been used to gain a slot cannot be traded because it is now a slot and not an item. 

Remember that you have two (2) MYO Draken slots and two (2) MYO Nyulop slots to start with, and every MYO key you get can be used to add a universal slot. (If you make a Draken and then abandon it at the adoption center, then you can still make a Nyulop with that universal slot.)

Do not sell or trade slots, members who have been found to do this will be warned. If it is done again after the warning, you will be banned

Slots, specifically MYO Golden Key slots, are essentially the rarest commodity in Whistler Crest...they are given out on a person to person basis. Purchasing slots for others is absolutely alright!

13. Deletion of Approval Images means the character never existed!

Please do not delete your approval images, as we use these to keep track of the day the character was created and their existence in general. If a character is not in the approval folder, it means they do not exist (and cannot be used). This goes for adult approvals as well. If an adult approval is not accepted or is deleted, the character never grew up. If they were a level above 10, then their level is rolled back to 10 (and their EXP is rolled back to 1000). You do not regain levels or EXP upon re-growing your character.

We may continue to update the rules as new problems arise, but for now if you have any other questions we strongly advise you check our F.A.Q!

Created: 18 February 2024, 21:08:59 UTC
Last updated: 16 May 2024, 04:58:49 UTC