Hello there, the name's Typhoon, and I'm here to talk to you about a new sensation sweeping..., well, Whistler Crest. That sounded a lot cooler in my head. Anyway—POGS! Y'see, here in Whistler Crest, we collect these nifty little wooden disks called Pogs, and each Pog represents some sort of achievement. You can keep them in a box, put them on display, or do what I do and sew them onto a pretty dang cool sash!

Did I forget to mention that earning Pogs can also earn you rewards? Probably should have lead with that.

Y'see, Pogs are pretty dang awesome! And depending on how many you collect, you can unlock rewards! Rewards are pretty cool too, right? Well I've got here a Council approved list of rewards for you guys! And a list of all currently available Pogs. Seems like there's quite a bit of neat stuff going on!


But please remember! Some Pogs are retired or were/are only accessible during events! So you should check the catalogue to be sure whether or not you can claim them for your collection.


You can check the Pog Catalogue, or Pogalogue as I like to call it, here: 

The Pog Catalogue

It is also important that you keep track of your Pogs!

Remember to have a Journal or Sta.sh Writer document with your earned Pogs listed. This is so a Moderator/Admin can confirm you have collected the Pogs you say you have—we don't want anyone cheating! It's really simple to track Pogs. You have a few options for how you choose to display them, so feel free to be creative, so long as you keep an accessible account somewhere. A link will be necessary.

Oh, but you probably have some questions, I can answer those!

What are Pogs?

Pogs are fun and collectible little wooden disks which feature wood burned marks to identify them. Each Pog represents an achievement and showcases your accomplishments. They are meant to be like a symbol of everything from a good deed to participation in an event. 

Why Collect Pogs?  

  • They're cool! Each Pog represents an achievement and your should be proud of these physical representations of your accomplishments.

    • They're impressive! Personal collections are definitely something not only you can enjoy, but something you can show others as well!

    • They're unique! There's not another thing like them in all of Kladeon! What's more rad than Pogs? Cards? Pft, we don't think so.

Where Do I Get My Own Pogs?
Simple, really, you earn them! Pogs can be obtained by doing just about anything and everything under the sun! Typhoon, your resident Pog Master, will be able to offer you a detailed list of available Pogs.

Rare And Valuable Pogs?
Pogs have a rarity value which can easily be seen when viewing them. 


Standard Pogs
are the most common, being a simple wood grain with no dyes or other visual enhancements.

One (1) point per Standard Pog. 


Toned Pogs
are a rarer type of Pog which features dyes that add additional colours to the design.

VALUE: Two (2) points per Toned Pog.


Holographic Pogs
are the rarest type of Pog, featuring dyes and finishes that add unique colours and lustrous shines to the design.

Four (4) points per Standard Pog.

Identifying Fakes?

Hard to believe anyone would try and dupe you! But, alas, fake Pogs are not unheard of. Thankfully, there is an easy way to identify an authentic Pog from a forgery! Authentic Pogs are made from a specific tree known as the Poggin Tree, hence the name "Pog", which are grown domestically for Pog production. There's a unique pattern to the wood grain that's unmistakable! True Pogs are also wood burned ONLY! If the design runs off your Pog, it's fake!


Storing Your Pogs


Pog Sleeves:
These sheets are designed to have Pogs slipped into them.
You can display several Pogs per page!

Pog Binders:
These books are designed to have Pog sleeves clipped into them for easy transport and storage of your collection!

New Pogs and awards will be added as the craze continues to grow! You should expect to see more Pogs be added to the catalogue, as well as new rewards for collecting them. Announcements will be made when new Pogs and or rewards are added, so remember to keep an eye on things!


For the application of reward upgrades:

You may do so at any time, we only ask that once you upload a submission featuring the new upgrade(s) that you link to your Pog tracker in the description so a mod/admin will be able to confirm.

Each reward can be applied ONCE PER CHARACTER!

With regards to earning Pogs:

You may claim a Pog more than once for your collection, but a Pog will only count once (1) towards rewards. So, for example, you may claim two (2) Grow Up Nyulop Pogs, but it will only count as one (1) Pog when you totaling up for Typhoon's rewards.

Upgrades can be applied to babies AND adults!

Thumbnail 1
Pog Collector's Sash

Successfully Acquire Your First Pog

Thumbnail 2
Pog Collector's Ribbon Tail

Successfully Acquire ten (10) Pogs
Description: That tail must flutter majestically in the wind! It definitely lets everyone know "I've started collecting Pogs, and I have a reasonably sized collection now, so it's okay to be envious of my style."

Application: You may change your Draken/Nyulop's tail into a ribbon-like lightweight tail similar to the image above. All markings must remain on the tail.

Thumbnail 3
 Pog Collector's Gauged Ears

Successfully Acquire  twenty (20) Pogs
Description: Those are some pretty awesome ears! The little notches say "I'm fluffy and sweet," but the gauges say "I'm pretty cool." 

Application: You may adjust your Draken/Nyulop's ears into the shape shown above. The gauge in their ear may be any colour and feature a simple design. They will only have this one set of gauges until more are earned.


Thumbnail 4
Pog Collector's Studded Horns

Successfully Acquire thirty (30) Pogs
Description: Woah! Your horns are so...curly and studded! What an interesting combination! You're definitely screaming "I'm a nerd and I have a massive Pog collection, want to see!?"

Application: You may grow out horns in the same shape and style as the image above. The horns may be any colour currently on your Draken/Nyulop or any colour on their respective palettes. Colours may also be greys, but please no pure black or pure white. The 'studs' on the horns may be any colour you'd like, but no pure black and no pure white. You may have one to three (1-3) colours on the studs. One colour per stud.

Thumbnail 5
Plain Wooden Wash

Successfully Acquire thirty-five (35) Pog
Plain Wooden Wash Example

Thumbnail 6
Abundant Selection of Fine Wood Washes

Successfully Acquire forty (40) Pog
Polished Wood Wash Example
Birch Wood Wash Example
Birch Bark Wash Example

Thumbnail 7
Pog Collector's Menko Scales

Successfully Acquire fifty (50) Pogs
Description: Those are some colourful round scales you have there! I'm jealous, honestly!

Application: You may grow out one-four (1-4) clusters of round shaped scales. The scales can grow on the limbs, neck, back, tail and head. The scales must be two-three (2-3) colours, with each scale being a single colour. 

Thumbnail 8
Pog Collector's Double Studded Horns

Successfully Acquire sixty (60) Pogs
Description: Looks like your Pog collection is double the size since last time!

Application: You may grow out your studded horns in the same shape and style as the image above. They should be the same colors as the original studded horns they had applied, but may now have one extra color added to the extra stud! The new color cannot be pure black or pure white.

Thumbnail 9
Pog Collector's Folded Paper Wings

Successfully Acquire seventy (70) Pogs
Description: Your wings look suspiciously like origami...

Application: You may grow out a set of wings in the shape/style shown above, with a thick triangle shaped base and 3 large "feathers" art the end. The wings should have line-like markings to make them appear paper-like. Wings may be any colour currently on your character OR anything between off-white to dark grey.


Thumbnail 1
Bronze Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆  

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 35 Points!

Thumbnail 2
Silver Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ★ ☆  ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 55 Points!

Thumbnail 3
Gold Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ★ ★ ☆  ☆ ☆ 

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 65 Points!

Thumbnail 1
Rose Gold Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 85 Points!

Thumbnail 2
Platinum Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 100 Points!

Thumbnail 3
Iridium Bottlecap

Rarity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Requirement: Have a Pog collection rated at 135 Points!



"I've got things under construction! But I'm sure I'll have it done soon!"-Typhoon


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