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Here you will find information on the background of different NPCs who are not on the Town Council. These are NPCs who can be found residing within or near to central locations such as inland's Whistler Crest. For a variety of reasons, these NPCs may be temporarily or permanently calling certain locations home. While some more prominent characters may have official reference sheets, others more obscure characters tend to not, but that does not make them any less important! And thus you can use this page as a means to better acquaint yourself with some faces around your community.


Reformed Criminals?
Previous residence: New Prosperos
Current residence: Whistler Crest

Original art provided by SnowyFool on deviantART.

Known originally as the Rogue Gang, this rag-tag bunch of lowlifes wreaked havoc in New Prosperos. They were documented having orchestrated numerous crimes, including theft, assault, kidnapping, arson and...potentially...even murder! The gang was lead about the notorious Dwarf Nyulop, Eliza, whom was considered by many to be a suave and persuasive individual.


The gang arrived in Whistler Crest on March 25th, 2019, as documented here. It was believed their intention was to spread their brand of villainy on the unsuspecting town. Thankfully, they were chased after by the dedicated Sheriff Mae Espinal.

In an attempt to infiltrate the community, the Rogue Gang split apart and mingled with members of the Whistler Crest community. Some reaching out to higher authorities, while others integrated themselves with key members of the township. But after experiencing all the chaos the small settlement had to offer, and failing to achieve their goals, three of the gang members returned to New Prosperos. The remaining three seem to have genuinely taken a liking to the town, although they remain under the watchful eye of Sheriff Mae, who has decided to remain within Whistler Crest to ensure the trio of seemingly reformed criminals do not regress back into their villainous ways. 


This tiny terror is twenty-five pounds of raw, unbridled chaos. Having been raised the first few years of her life under the wing of a criminal gang, she still has a good heart, and means well about 50% of the time. There have even been whispers that she is Blessed! Although she seems to be lacking the trademark symbol of the Spirits. However, she does seem to have some sort of Spirit companion...who she says is named "Snappy, because he likes to snap things with his beak!"

When Eliza and the others returned to New Prosperos, Michabo decided to stay, citing Snappy as having told her that the Spirits here were brighter than at home. Whatever that means. She now stays with the only two remaining guardians from her old life.


Jessie M., known for his carefree and charming personality, is an ex-member of the Rogue Gang. The personality he shows about town and seems to display is said to be a cover up to hide his former self. He used to handle the Varkery for the gang, most notably his two companions Teef and Peacekeeper who were said to be stolen. Jessie is known to talk very little of his past life in Aureum and his life of a criminal but loves to talk about Varkery....He doesn't much care for talking of past relationships though. He tries his best to watch over Michabo with Rose.

He chose to stay in WhistlerCrest and turn from his previous life. He is naturally drawn to Varkery and talented when it comes to handling the large mounts. With that- He became quick friends with Remy and with some convincing- is looking into bringing the joys of Varkery handling to the population of Whistler Crest! Maybe he will open up a shop sometime? Jessie is known to sit by Twiggy, taking in the peaceful vibes of the town when possible when he isn't riding Teef about.


Rose acted as the muscle for the Rogue Gang, with an act first, ask questions later attitude towards most problems. Her propensity for starting large scale fights to purposefully show off her strength earned her the nickname "Rose the Rowdy" among her peers. Nowadays, she seems to have quieted up, and doesn't say much unless she thinks it's of utmost importance. Rose thinks it better for someone else to handle the thinking and the talking, she's just there to punch whoever gets in their way.

When the others decided to return to New Prosperos, Rose decided to stay behind. The calm atmosphere of Whistler Crest allowed her to mellow out and gave her time to think, and she decided that she didn't want to return to a world of chaos and crime. She may still have some bad habits from her days of cracking skulls, but she doesn't generally mean any harm to the residents of the town.

Long Time Residents
Previous residence: Unknown
Current residence: Whistler Crest

Long time residents refers to individuals whom either own a business, or run some important function within the community, but are not themselves a member of The Council. Their lack of membership does not negatively impact their livelihoods, however, as they tend to vary from having a tenuous to good relationship with The Council. It is often that these individuals either choose not to join, or have not yet successfully joined, The Counil. They are still figureheads within the community and are known by many of the locals. Whether or not they are known for positive or negatives things is up to the individuals themselves.


Mystery M

Mystery M is a long time resident of Whistler Crest, and a person of authority in that they run housing within the community, but despite this they are not part of the Council.

They are still a confidant for the Council members and held in high regard. During times of strife they were there to help with their surprisingly deep wealth of knowledge on magic, Mana and Spiritualism. They are known to have correspondents in several communities across Kladeon. 

Despite their rather aloof exterior, they have shown themselves to be a caring individual, going so far as to save several eggs when they were in need. And they do strive to be helpful even with their awkwardness in social situations. 

Not much is known about M's past, but it appears that both Hyndrel and Gale trust this Nyulop, which does ease the concerns of the other Council members.

M has never been seen without their trademark hood and cowl, and it is unknown why they hide their face...truly mysterious.


Atlas the Tradesman

Atlas arrived in Whistler Crest a few years ago and set up a Trading Post where he offers rarer items for sale. He runs this shop with his ever faithful companion George the csirkatrice chickling!

Atlas is known to create Washes using a very secretive magic that is not widely known. He often times hosts a job that he posts to the ReQuest Board where he works with community members to create new Washes.

​He also provides the service of overseeing trades made between community members, ensuring that things are fair! He, and George, do not allow any sort of cheating or stealing within their business! I would be wary if you consider trying to do anything underhanded.

The Council recognizes Atlas' Trading Post, so it is a certified business, and can be found nestled within the Shopping District. 

Hmm? What's that? What is Atlas?
What do you mean?


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