Seeking the Forest Guardian
A pilgrimage for those who seek to connect to nature...



Effigies of this mysterious being are found scattered around the local forest. Some are located along what appear to be now overgrown pathways, while others appear in locations seemingly untraveled and untouched by the paws and claws of Draken and Nyulop. It is unknown when these stone likenesses were carved, and who carved them, but they are all known to be representations of the benevolent force of nature themself: Munerith. Thanks to some spiritual training, and a few choice books, Tobias was able to decipher their name. This spirit is believed to be a guardian of the forest, an embodiment of greenery and life, and thought to appear on clear early mornings when the rising sun filters through the trees and foliage. They are known to be docile and calm, revered for their regal presence, and adored for their kind heart. This Spirit will grant Blessings to those they deem worthy of such gifts.

The Pilgrimage

This pilgrimage may prove to be a challenging one, so it must be undertaken by a single determined character. This character may be accompanied by a companion or Companion Stone. As this pilgrimage may prove to be more difficult than other ventures out of the safety of town, a character must know some magic.

Draken are required to know up to tier 3 elemental magic. Nyulop are required to known up to tier 2 class magic.

Submissions for this pilgrimage must be fully finished. They must be shaded and have a detailed background. Your character may receive tier 4 injuries from this quest. May it be from tripping and falling into some dense forest, or getting caught by an angry wild animal, there is danger all throughout the path to the shrine.



"It is of the utmost importance that you remember to be respectful of all Spirits when on this Pilgrimage. Fae spirits are always in communication with the Guardian of the area! Word travels quickly, so actions that may have caused grievance with a Fae, can very well cause grievance with their Guardian as well!"




Name: Munerith
Pronounced: Moon-rith
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Classification: Guardian
Affiliation: Forest
Alignment: Neutral, benevolent
Active: Early morning

• Plant growth
• Healing
• Regeneration

Height: 9'10" (top of head)
Weight: 550 lbs

• Briar Horns
• Thicket Mane
• Mythic Mushrooms
• Blessing
• Curse

Shrine Location: Through the shrouded path, deep in the heart of the forest.


The Forest Shrine

Shrines dedicated to Guardian Spirits are known to exist in many locations surrounding Whistler Crest. Much like the mysterious Munerith statues, it is unknown when and by who these shrines were built. What is known about Munerith's shrine is that it lies deep within the heart of the forest surrounding the settlement. One must take the shrouded path and venture deep into the dense foliage and greenery. ​ Should you navigate correctly, you will arrive at a stone and wooden structure with a maroon coloured rooftop. This is the traditional style of Guardian Shrines in this area of Kladeon. Munerith's shrine appears to be in very good condition despite seemingly being abandoned and unkempt all these years. The thick forest surrounding the building has not encroached upon it and it stands proudly at the center of a small clearing.


Shrine's Altar

Traditional shrine altars have a very simplistic design. Usually they consist of a flat surface on a thinner slab of cut and smoothed stone, creating a table-like structure. At the far back is the Altar Window, this consists of two slender stone pillars supporting a cut rectangular piece. This area is usually decorated with bells, chimes, candles and flowers. It is believed that the purpose of these windows is to see into the realm of the Spirits. Prayer is usually undertaken at the altars, and offerings to Spirits are left on the flat surface. Surprisingly, these offerings are usually gone upon the next visit...

To be Blessed, to be Cursed


Should you desire to be Blessed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. You must acquire a sapling plant.
2. You must take this plant into the deep forest surrounding the Guardian's shrine and plant it.
3. You must encounter Munerith in early morning and thank them for their benevolence.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Blessing and one of the Blessed APs.


Should you desire to be Cursed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. Locate one of Munerith's statues and break it.
2. Take a piece of the broken statue and cut into a tree or crush a plant.
3. Encounter Munerith in the early morning and denounce them. Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Curse.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Curse.


Munerith's Blessings

You can locate these upgrades in the "Other" tab of the upgrade directories for all species.




Dare you take this Pilgrimage?

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