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You have arrived at Swift's Questing Guild Headquarters!  

"Hey, you guys made it!" the Draken said happily. "Glad you came! What do you think of the Explorer's Guild? Here I can register you into teams and collect quests for you." Swift's eyes shimmered excitedly. "Isn't it cool?! With my help you can mount expeditions to places outside our town!" Taking a short pause, Swift continues. "Well, I'll have some information for you here so you can see what the Explorer's Guild is all about!"

Welcome to the Explorer's Guild!

The guild that Swift was itching to open since the town was founded is finally here! Townsfolk who are ready to explore the outside world are welcome to come here and register to join an exploration team.

When teams are registered, Swift will do his best to collect odd jobs and worries from townsfolk to be completed while he plans out the next expedition. As diligent as he is about this guild finally coming to fruition, Swift is just one guy and can only do so much so quickly.

As you explore and take care of issues for the town's residents, your rank will go up! As your rank goes up, so will your acclaim and you may even net better rewards! Essentially, you will develop a reputation, and good or bad, it will determine the value of your payouts upon completion of quests and expeditions.

Remember that the world outside of the town is fraught with danger! There are numerous threatening creatures and a multitude of treacherous terrain to navigate. Magic, weaponry and your quick wit are all going to be necessary if you want to be successful!

A quick tip before you get started!

Quests are only available to adults. This means your character must have an approved adult application. If you are slow-growing your Draken, they will only be eligible for questing once their Third Eye Gem has fully opened. Please remember that children are not permitted on quests or expeditions.
You may, however, be accompanied by a pets or Companion Stone.

Look below to track the current teams!

How does Exploring Work?



In order to further explore an area, the Explorer's Guild will have had to already been there at least once.

Expeditions will take place as events with varied time frames.
  Most plot-heavy areas will be explored over the course of one real-world month.
These events will have you drawing anywhere from one (1) to three (3) full pictures (shading and background included) of your character (and their team) exploring the area.

If you run solo, you should complete three (3) full pictures before the end of the expedition.
  If you have 2-3 team members, you should complete two (2) full pictures before the end of the expedition.
  If you have a full party (4 team members), you should complete one (1) full picture before the end of the expedition.
  Each team member can either draw as many separate entries as required, or you can choose to collaborate with your team members to meet the requirement.

Two comic pages of at least five (5) panels each = 1 fully shaded picture with a background with visible effort put in.
Comic pages must be flat colored in order to count!
Minor areas can be explored in a time frame from 1 week to 2 weeks.
Every team, regardless of number of team members, should draw at least 1 full picture before the end of the expedition.

Free Exploration


If you go back to further explore the area, you should draw at least  one (1) full picture with varying numbers of teammates depending on who decided to go.

Each teammate should submit a separate picture to the "Free Exploring" folder. When you've finished your free exploration and want to claim extra rewards - comment on the designated Discord channel (linked above!) in our server with this form:

Team Name:
Team Members Participated (Username-Character Name):
Area Explored:
Links to Pictures Submitted:


Once an area is explored in an expedition, any character regardless of whether or not they are apart of the Explorer's Guild, can visit that area.

  1. Can I explore freely without a registered team?

    Yes, you can, but you will not be eligible for any of the potential rewards and benefits for being registered. You will also need to register to participate in official quests/expeditions that are plot-specific.
  2. Can I do ReQuest jobs without a registered team?

No, you need to be registered with Swift and the Questing Guild in order to obtain the prizes and achievements for completing ReQuest Board tasks.

What happens if I do any of the above without being registered?

Well, for one, you won't earn any of the prizes/achievements/accolades for having completed it. And...well...Mae is around now and she might have some words for you!


The ReQuest Board

ReQuests are problems and troubles that the citizens of Whistler Crest come to the Explorer's Guild to resolve. Swift posts them here, and all teams are free to take them in order to fulfill the request of the citizen who brought it forward.

1.) Another team took a ReQuest my team wanted to do!! Can we still take it?
Of course! Multiple teams can take the same ReQuest, but all ReQuests can only be taken by every team once.

A handful of ReQuests will run for about two (2) months at a time before being swapped out for new ones.
In order to fulfill a ReQuest, all team members must draw at least one picture (at least flat color with a background) of them attempting to take care of what the client asked for.

Fulfilling a ReQuest will grant you and your teammates some nifty rewards including but not limited to, extra EXP and extra Capella!

Find the ReQuest Board here!

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