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Please make sure to read all questions provided here before contacting us.

We do our best to make sure this remains up-to-date with the most commonly asked questions we receive.


Regarding Applications and Approvals:

  1. Can I submit a Draken and Nyulop at the same time? Or do I have to wait until one is approved to submit the other?


No, you do not have to wait. You can submit one Draken to the #baby-draken-approvals channel and one Nyulop to the #baby-nyulop-approvals channel simultaneously, but only one of each species at a time.


  1. Approximately how long should it take for my Draken or Nyulop to be accepted/rejected?


It should not take more than a few days to hear back from a member of staff regarding the status of your character’s application. We ask that you wait at least 72 hours before contacting us regarding it. Please do not comment on the channel again, or on our front page, you may send the group a note or get a more direct answer on our Discord server.


  1. How many Draken can we make? How many Nyulop can we make?

You can currently create two (2) Draken and two (2) Nyulop for the main continent, along with one (1) Draken and one (1) Nyulop for the island of Xaaida, for a total of three (3) of both species. We’re always sure to keep this number up-to-date on the species information pages.


  1. Can I put in an application for two (2) Draken or two (2) Nyulop at the same time?


No, we only accept one (1) of each species at a time. So you can have two (2) Draken/Nyulop ready for the application process, but can only submit one of each at a time.


  1. My Draken/Nyulop was rejected. Do I have to resubmit an application with the corrections? 


No, you do not, and we ask that you instead just reply to the last message the mod sent you. This keeps things neat and tidy, while ensuring no information is lost.


  1. My Draken/Nyulop was rejected because of ___________, what do I do?


Your best option is to make the required adjustments and reply to the mod. If you have any confusion regarding the requirements, don't hesitate to contact the group directly with any questions you may have. But all necessary information regarding anatomy/markings/colouration should be available on the species guide for Draken and Nyulop.


  1. Can I use a base to draw my character for approval?


We require that character apps be drawn by each member individually. If it is a base created by you, you can use it for applications, but any use besides the first use cannot be counted for EXP.


  1. When growing up my character, can I copy and paste a baby picture from a reference or my character’s application image?


Yes, you don’t have to draw a unique image for the baby form, but you don’t get EXP for the reused image.


  1. Do I need to submit my Draken/Nyulop on the provided template?


Yes, you do. This is to ensure fairness and uniformity.


  1. I can't put my application drawing on the template, what do I do?


Contact us privately and we should be able to help. But be mindful that this may elongate your process as it takes time from our own schedules to do.


  1. How do I know if my application was approved? How do I know if it’s being looked at?


If it has been approved, it should have underneath it as a reaction. If the approval is pending, it will have a speech bubble underneath it. If it needs fixes, but the mod is unable to get to it at the moment, it will have a pause button underneath it. All this info can be found in each species’ approval channel description.


  1. If I have an adopted character and I want it to be an Islander, should it be put on a different template?


The standard adoptable template should still be used, just make sure to add their Xaaind mark alongside their palette.


  1. I don’t have a Discord. Can I still submit my application through dA?


Unfortunately no. Discord is where we handle all of our approvals and many other things, including announcements, some smaller events and challenges, and so on! It is required to have Discord to join the group. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be active in it!


Regarding Transferring and Donating Characters:

  1. Would donating a character free up a slot, or would it just remove the slot entirely?

Once you use a slot, you will forever have that slot. So if you donated a character, you could make another one. You earned/bought the character slot and we’re not going to take that away from you!


  1. Can we give our character away? Can we trade it?

As long as you note the group that a character has found a new home and follow those transfer rules (Exp is down to 0 and etc.) there’s no issue there.


  1. Can I put a character I own up for trade for another Whistler Crest character as long as both characters are approved, and follow normal ownership transfer rules?


That is correct. You'd be transferring your respective characters to one another. You'll both still need to create new applications for your received character.


  1. When it comes to transferring a character and making a Nyulop, can we use their old colours or do we have to approximate them with the official Nyulop palettes?


You can grandfather in the colours from their original design, but if they have stripes/spots you will need to treat those as one of the one-ten upgrades you can apply to transfer characters. If you'd rather use the palette colours, then you would use those instead of their original colours. It's a one or the other kind of situation.


  1. When transferring a character, if my character was a rare type or subspecies in their previous group, could I transfer them to be a special type or a subspecies here?

No, all transfers must be made as a standard Nyulop or standard Draken.


  1. What happens to the upgrades we earned on a character that we’re donating? Can the upgrades be kept and used on the next MYO?


No. The upgrades are voided in such case.


  1. If someone gives me a teen character with a tattoo/upgrade, does it stay?


No. The character is reset to Lvl 0, thus forfeits all what was previously earned.


  1. Is it possible to transfer a human character from an ARPG into Whistler Crest?


Potentially! We would need to see the character in question. And you may need to confirm upgrades because of the major differences between species.


  1. Can I transfer my OC?

Not. It’s only for ARPG characters.


  1. If I leave the group, is my character retired?

Your characters will be intact in case you ever decide you would like to return.


Regarding EXP, Leveling, and Art:


  1. Do all characters start at level 0?

Yes, they do. All characters start at Level 0 with 0 EXP, and all characters should have separate EXP counts. This is listed on the EXP and Level Guide, which you should be sure to read before starting to take part in Whistler Crest-related activities.


  1. How do I know my character's level?

By checking the amount of EXP you've earned through your submissions. It’s important to familiarize yourself with our EXP and Level Guide.


  1. Do I calculate EXP for all my characters in one lump sum, or is it on an individual basis?


It's individual. You need to calculate the EXP for each of your characters. Think of it like having a roster in an RPG — each character grows with their own stats based on the EXP they earn from battle. Just, in this case, you're replacing battles with art! The pen is mightier than the sword! So you need to make sure each individual character is receiving their own EXP. Lump sums shared by all characters is unacceptable.


  1. Can I split EXP gained from a submission between characters?


EXP prioritizes the characters included. So if you draw a submission with only one of your characters, the EXP goes solely to them. You can't give EXP to a character not included in the submission. If you include more than one character in a submission you split the EXP between them however you would like (but all characters would need to gain some of the EXP).


  1. How do I split up EXP from a submission that doesn't include my own characters?


If your submission doesn't include any of your own characters (so, say, you've drawn a gift batch or NPCs), then you may split up the EXP between your characters however you choose.


  1. Do I need to calculate my EXP on each Whistler Crest submission?


Yes, if you want to make use of it, you should definitely count each time. If a member of staff notices discrepancies between your calculated EXP and the upgrades you’ve applied you may need to recount and potentially remove upgrades — It’s not worth the hassle, just keep an eye on your EXP!


  1. Do the pictures need to be submitted into the Whistler Crest dA for them to count?


Yes, though you may also opt for the official Whistler Crest website.


  1. If I have a level capped character, a baby at level ten or an adult at level 50, what happens to the EXP I get from drawing them?


All the EXP is voided. It cannot go to any other character unless they are featured in the art themselves.


  1. What is considered a polished piece?

A polished piece means a fully colored and fully shaded image with a complex background.


  1. Can I combine prompts? For example, can I combine learning magic and earning an upgrade, or learning magic and an expedition prompt?


No. Combining prompts is not allowed, except with some minor exceptions such as meeting the requirements for standard upgrades.


Regarding Upgrades:

  1. Where can I find the upgrade list(s) for Draken/Nyulop?


You can find them on the Upgrade tab.


  1. How do I use the directories?


Each section has a link to a specific area of upgrades. "Baby", for example, will link you to upgrades available for young Draken and Nyulop. Explore all the tabs to see what upgrades interest you!


  1. How do I know which upgrades I can apply to my Draken/Nyulop?


By checking two things: 1) whether or not the upgrade is available (i.e., if it's Limited Edition or Standard); and 2) if you have the required amount of EXP for it to be applicable. You should always make sure you meet the requirements for an upgrade before applying it.


  1. What's the difference between Early Bird, Limited Edition, Other, and Standard upgrades?


Early Bird upgrades were a special few that were available to members who signed up prior to the Grand Opening on June 1st, 2017. Limited Edition are specialty upgrades that are only available for a limited time during particular events. “Other” upgrades are upgrades acquired through special means, such as upgrades gained from pilgrimages to Guardian Spirits, upgrades earned for having a certain number of pogs, or RAPs. Standard upgrades are always available and do not require anything special other than EXP or occasionally a drawing requirement as stated in the upgrade’s description to apply them.


  1. I really like a Limited Edition upgrade...will I get another chance at it?


Maybe! Some Limited Edition upgrades may pop up in the future for a special event. But otherwise they are unavailable.


  1. How do I know the requirements of an upgrade?


Each upgrade lists its requirements. They're level based, so just be sure your Draken/Nyulop has the necessary level. Occasionally, upgrades also require art alongside EXP to be applied, so when applying those upgrades, be sure to also link the piece fulfilling the requirements.


  1. How do I apply upgrades? Can I apply multiple at the same time?


You just post a picture including the new upgrade, linking any proof for requirements aside from levels. You can apply multiple upgrades in the same picture as well.


  1. Can upgrades be combined?


Yes. In the future, there will be a guide to make it easier to see which ones can be combined, but for the time being, check the questions channel or ask if you are unsure!


  1. How long do we have to apply upgrades we have earned from an event?


Generally, you have one month after the end of the event to apply any upgrades you earned. You should always be sure to read the journals and announcements to be sure you do not miss this date.


  1. How do I provide proof I got a RAP if it was obtained via Discord or the Whistler Crest website?


A screenshot of the message or the giveaway winners is all that’s needed.


  1. Can I draw more than one upgrade requirement in an art piece?


Yes, you can.


  1. Do I have to add all the baby upgrades I want before growing my character up?


Adult characters can still have baby upgrades applied to them.


  1. Is there a maximum number of rarities you can edit at once with the rarity editor?


You can edit as many as you would like as long as you document it in both the description and image of your submission showing the changes.


  1. Can I add upgrades to my character while they’re slow growing?


Yes, slow growing characters can still receive upgrades, both baby and adult as long as they meet the upgrade requirements


  1. I have a question about a specific upgrade, where should I ask it?


You can note the group or communicate with our staff directly on our Discord server.


Regarding Ages of Characters:

  1. Approximately what age are our MYO Draken and Nyulop?

MYO Draken and Nyulop you apply with are anywhere from newborn to elementary school age (so 0 years to 7 years). They should be young children-aged.


  1. Can our [baby] Draken or Nyulop have a job?

No, they are babies, that'd be rather silly! When your Draken or Nyulop grows up, we will have plenty of options for the character to take up occupations in and around Whistler Crest.


  1. Can our [baby] Draken or Nyulop be in a romantic relationship?


THEY'RE BABIES. I thought babies only thought about eating, sleeping and running around with their friends. Romance should be reserved for future endeavors, so please refrain from anything outside of schoolyard crushes. They're far too young for serious romantic relationships.


  1. What age are our Adult Draken and Nyulop?


Adult Draken and Nyulop start anywhere from 13 years of age to 18 years of age when they first grow up. If you would like them to be older than this, you may choose to either simply say they are an adult, no extra steps required, or you may have them take part in the Great Rite, unlocking an upgrade as well.


Regarding the Bank, Items, and Currency:

  1. How do I earn Capella?


You can earn Capella through events, expeditions, giveaways, jobs, prompts and so on.


  1. Where can I find my inventory?


You can find the master tracker that includes your inventory, bank, and list of characters you own on the Silver’s Bank page.


  1. How do I provide proof to deposit an item bought via the cash shop?


Use a screenshot of the PayPal info so it can be confirmed and added.


  1. Do we need to withdraw items after depositing them to use them? Do we need to message a mod or note the group to confirm proof of an item to use it?

As long the item is in the Bank, that is proof that it is owned. After using the item, go to the bank and say what it was used for, and we will remove it from your bank.


  1. How many times can I use a MYO key?


Just once, but once the key is used, that slot is permanently unlocked.


  1. Can I use a Rainbow’s Delight in combination with a Friendship Bracelet?


No, these items can not be combined.


Regarding BARs:

  1. How exactly do the BARs work? I did the interaction, expecting an art prompt after but it just asked me to fill out my username/character/etc.

The end part where you fill out these details is to help us mods keep track of certain info. The art prompt is the entire interaction, you draw what your character did.


  1. Do you create a piece of art for every part of the interaction?

You create art for the whole of that interaction. So whatever you did (how you played it out) summed up in an image.


Regarding Islanders:

  1. Do islander characters require a special MYO Slot or are they available when using an MYO Key?

Everybody starts out with two Islander MYOs, one Draken and one Nyulop, but you can always unlock more slots via MYO Key.


  1. Do Whistler Crest and Xiaada have any form of communication, or are they entirely cut off from one another? Is travel between them common or non-existent? And, if travel between the two is impossible, then are islanders able to participate in events?


They’re completely isolated as of right now and do not know of one another. They cannot participate in events that take place in Whistler Crest, and cannot apply event upgrades that require Whistler Crest location specific participation.


  1. Are Islanders good at swimming?

Yes, both species are usually good at swimming.


  1. Does the Mark have to be visible in the application picture?


Yes. If it’s on the back, please include the back view of the character.


  1. For upgrades that require communication with a particular NPC only residing in Whistler Crest, is it possible for those living in Xaaida to earn them?


Unfortunately, not currently.


Regarding Group Communication and Policing/Mini-Modding:

  1. Does this group have a Discord Server?


Yes it does! You can find a link to it on our main deviantART page or in several places on this site! But, to save you the time, HERE’S A LINK JUST FOR YOU!


  1. I changed my username or I would like to change my character’s name. How do I let the group know?


Send a message in the #silvers-bank with the change you would like made to notify the mods, and we will update accordingly.


  1. Am I allowed to let other members know they've made a mistake if I catch it?


No. We ask that you please not comment on other users' works if you happen to notice an error. That is the responsibility of the staff. You can privately note the group or message and active member of staff on our Discord server.


  1. I think you may have missed a mistake. What should I do?


Please send the group a private message with a link. Please do not comment on the submission with the mistake or on the front page of the group/on one of the preexisting journals.


  1. I see a question being asked by another member that I know the answer to, can I answer them?


No. We ask that you please, please, please refrain from answering other members. This is because 1) it may cause confusion should you either be wrong or because you are not an admin; and 2) it is the responsibility of the staff to make sure all questions are answered. We will get to all questions in a timely manner.

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