Seeking the Cloud Guardian
A pilgrimage for those who seek to connect to the sky...



Atmos, also known as 'Cloudy', is a fairly new Guardian Spirit. They're usually calm and easy to approach, which is not very characteristic of Guardian Spirits. While not outwardly hostile, Atmos is wary of adult Finley but is willing to give them a chance.

They have a nurturing, almost parental attitude towards children. When they want to intimidate, Atmos will extend their neck out to look down on the Finley to keep them in check. It's not uncommon to see children climbing on Atmos, their soft puffy fur acts as a great cushioned surface for children to play on.

Far out in the ocean was a small archipelago of islands to the far west. A young Spirit, recently appointed before disaster struck fled the islands. Carrying with them as many eggs as they could carry to save the innocent from the disaster. Touching down on an island, giving the island inhabitants half of the eggs before making their way inland to a growing settlement.

Once the eggs were adequately handed off, the Spirit retreats to an offered shrine to recover from the journey. As the spirit recovers and opens up for those curious to see them eventually. The young Spirit demonstrates great concern and loves children and adults who visit with no ill will. They are nurturing while also allowing a playful nature to show. This Spirit will grant Blessings to those who demonstrate kind and humble natures.



The Pilgrimage

This pilgrimage, as shown by the Spirit, is open to children providing that an adult accompanies them. If adults wish to be Blessed, they must show they're worthy of them as this Spirit has seen the damage adults can cause and thus will remain wary around adults until proven otherwise. Children may only receive one Blessing upgrade however! They can visit again once grown to receive more, if they wish!

Submissions for this pilgrimage must be fully finished. They must be shaded and have a detailed background.

"It is of the utmost importance that you remember to be respectful of all Spirits when on this Pilgrimage. Fae spirits are always in communication with the Guardian of the area! Word travels quickly, so actions that may have caused grievance with a Fae, can very well cause grievance with their Guardian as well!"




Name: Atmos
Pronounced: At-most
Age: Unknown
Gender: Neutral
Classification: Guardian 
Affiliation: Cloud (Whistler Crest | Xaaida)
Alignment: Good, nurturing
Active: 9 am-3 pm on partially cloudy skies

  • Spring-Summer (WC)
  • Fall-Winter (Xaaida)


  • Breeze Creation
  • Cloud Puff
  • Superspeed

Height: 8’4” (Compact) | 13’7” (Stretched out)
Weight: 360 lbs


  • Cumulus Tail
  • Cirrus Arms
  • Mammatus Nose
  • Blessing
  • Curse

Shrine Location:

  • A newly refurbished shrine off in the outskirts (WC)
  • Between the two villages tucked in a clearing just off the beaten path (Xaaida)

Shrine's Altars

Traditional shrine altars have a very simplistic design. Usually they consist of a flat surface on a thinner slab of cut and smoothed stone, creating a table-like structure. At the far back is the Altar Window, this consists of two slender stone pillars supporting a cut rectangular piece. This area is usually decorated with bells, chimes, candles and flowers. It is believed that the purpose of these windows is to see into the realm of the Spirits. 

Prayer is usually undertaken at the altars, and offerings to Spirits are left on the flat surface. Surprisingly, these offerings are usually gone upon the next visit...

Thanks to the efforts from the finley in both locations, this shrine altar has been decorated with works from young finley adding their touch to it.


To be Blessed, to be Cursed


Should you desire to be Blessed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. You must trek up to the shrine’s location.
2. You must calmly approach Atmos.
3. You must spend quality time with Atmos.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Blessing and one of the Blessed APs.


Should you desire to be Cursed...
There are three important tasks which must be done.

1. With hostile intentions, trek up to the shrine's location.
2. Approach Atmos with hostile intentions with direct eye contact.
3. Upon reaching Atmos, show intent to cause harm to Atmos or a child.

Completion of these tasks will result in a Guardian's Curse.

Atmos will not curse children, as they are young, don't know better, and are often mimicking adults.


Atmos’ Blessings

You can locate these upgrades in the "Other" tab of the upgrade directories for all species.



Dare you take this Pilgrimage?

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