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Variety of Coins

"What do you have for Silver?"


You walk up to the counter and see a friendly face!

"Yes, hello," A chipper Nyulop says to you, their ears perking up and their eyes shutting in a happy smile. "Welcome, welcome! This is the Whistler Crest bank! Did you bring coin for me? I will store it safely for you!" Well don't they seem trustworthy! Silver's Whistler Crest's resident treasurer and they will look after all your financial needs. They are extremely happy and eager to help with any way they can!

Welcome to Whistler Crest's Bank!

Whistler Crest currency

Capella Coin.png
Capella Symbol.png
Ringel Sack.png
Ringel Symbol.png

        Capella Coin           Symbol for Capella       Ringel Pouch (10 Capella)     Symbol for Ringel 

Opening and Managing your bank account

How do I open a bank account?

You simply comment down on the Banking channel in our Discord server to let Silver know you are interested in setting up an account. Just provide her with the following information:

• Username
• Currency amount of Capella/Ringel (and the necessary proof of ownership)
• Items you wish to stash away (and the necessary proof of ownership)


Is there a minimum requirement for opening my bank account?

Yes there is! When opening your bank account you need to deposit, at minimum, a Cash Shop item or 1 Capella.

Do I need to keep items in the bank?

Nope! If you have no interest in keeping items in the vault they may remain in your inventory. But you will need to track your own items and be able to provide proof of ownership when intending to use them.

How do I add/withdraw from my bank account?

You comment the Silvers-Bank channel on the Discord server saying that you are either adding (insert amount here) to your preexisting account OR that you are withdrawing (insert amount here) from your account. Please ensure that you wait for a mod/admin to reply to your comment to let you know the necessary deposit/withdrawal has been made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Capella/Ringel?

By completing jobs/quests for NPCs. You can do so by drawing, of course! Staff will also offer the opportunity to earn Capella/Ringel through challenges, so keep an eye out on those too! They're offered semi-frequently in the Discord server and on deviantART.

How do I get jobs/quests?

The NPC offering them will make an announcement when they're seeking help. You just need to read the requirements and follow them. Upon completion you will receive EXP and the payout for however much Capella/Ringel they were offering.


Where do I keep my Capella/Ringel?

In the bank, of course! You just need to open a bank account with Silver. That information is provided above.


How many bank accounts may I have?

It's one (1) bank account per member or per account. You track all your Capella/Ringel under your username, not through individual characters.


How do I put Capella/Ringel I earn in the bank?

After you've opened a bank account with Silver you just comment on the Silvers-Bank channel on the Discord server each time you earn Capella/Ringel. This will ensure that your new money is added to your existing balance.


Do all my characters share the same amount of Capella/Ringel?

In short, yes, your characters all share from the same account. Accounts are under usernames, so if you have one (1) or four (4) or more characters, it doesn't matter, the balance you have is yours to use with your characters however you choose.


Do I have to split my Capella/Ringel evenly between my characters like EXP?

No, you don't! You can split and make use of the Capella/Ringel however you want. It doesn't have the same rules as EXP.


If I buy an item with my Capella/Ringel do all my characters receive it?

No, they do not. If you make a purchase it's for the use of one character. If you want the same item for another character you will need to buy it again.

How do I spend Capella/Ringel?

If you intend to make a purchase from a shop, and you have the required amount of Capella, you just comment on the corresponding link provided in each shop and the item will be added to your inventory. Once you've made the purchase just update your bank balance by letting Silver know you used money.

So if you have twenty (20) Capella and you purchase an item for ten (10) then you need to make sure your bank balance is accurate to how much you have. You just need to comment and your balance will be adjusted. It is up to you to make sure you don't overspend or forget to keep track of your Capella/Ringel.

Can I keep track of my Capella/Ringel on my own journal/deviation?

Yes, you can, but you are also required to make sure that the bank's balance is accurate/up to date. This is so that moderators can track how much you've used/how much you have to use.

Can I give another user Capella/Ringel?

Yes, you can. But please make sure you do a transfer through the bank. Just comment that you're "sending (amount) of Capella to (username)" so that we're aware that currency has moved from one person to another.

Can I buy an item and send it to another user?

Silver only works with currency, if you want to trade an item to another member you must do so at the
Trading Post with Atlas. He'll help you with all your item based exchanges.

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