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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Ver-toy-ss

Female & Male: Vertois | Infant: Puplet

Vertois are a domesticated species that are loving companions. The main difference between a male and female, besides their genitalia, is generally their size, males will be slightly smaller with larger horns and females will be bigger with smaller horns. Vertois’ coats are also very similar and tend to come in white/gray/cream as their main coat, dark purple/gray/red on their claws and face, and purple/red tones on the tip of their feathers. Their large wings are used to soar over herds, and the talon at the tip of their wings makes it easy to latch onto horns or trees. Their fur is sleek but tangles easily, making grooming a necessary, and their claws are used to dig holes and grab bugs with their long purple tongues. 


When Puplet’s are first born, they have a cloud-white coat with short fur and stubby little wings. Their body is very small and soft feathers are known to get stuck, so the Puplet’s usually need help with preening. Lastly their toned feathers and coat don’t usually start coming in until adolescence, so many people like to predict what color it will be.


Vertois are only able to breed between a female and male when they’re old enough. The Vertois breeding season takes place only in the spring time when the flowers and trees begin to bloom, when they know their families can do without them for awhile. During this time Vertois almost go extinct as they fly away from their owners to a hidden location no one knows about. Many speculate that it’s an unknown island is the sky or mountains that stretch into the darkness. After a few weeks Vertois will then come back to its trusted home where the female will birth its newborn. Female Vertois usually give birth to only one or two Puplet’s, and won’t have any other children after that.



Being an insectivore, Vertois tend to only eat bugs and fruits. Since their mouths are so small they rely on their long tongues to lick up and grab any bugs that come their way. This makes Vertois amazing at keeping herds clean from any bugs since they are known to eat any bugs that are near the herd. They are also known to have a love for Star Slugs, and enjoy quickly licking them up before they pop.


Abilities and Skills


Able to silently soar through the sky and swiftly run through herds, Vertois are the perfect farm companion. They are mostly known for their excellent herding and ability to bond with almost anything, making them dear friends towards many; they are very easy to train as well. At birth a Puplet won’t latch onto someone until a month old, and when that time passes they will consider whoever they latched onto to be their lifelong companion, because of this it makes getting rid of Vertois very hard to do.

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