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Known Creature Details


Pronunciation: Trike-Light
Male & Female: Tryklyte
Young: Tyke

Tryklytes are a tripodal creature with short, stubby legs and a tail that curves with a bioluminescence bulb on the end. These creatures are very docile but are also on the skittish side. The bulb on the end of their tails gives off a nice glow at night. They're oddly enough drawn to young kits and draklings, especially if one hears them crying. It's often said that if one is lost at night and comes across a Tryklyte, it's in the best interest to follow one as they will lead one back home.


Physical Variety

The only thing that separates on Tryklyte from another is its bulb and eye color; as they come in multiple colors under the rainbow. Cooler colors are more common however, with warmer colored eyes and bulb being less seen.

tryklyte variation



Tryklytes mostly feed off of grass and bushes, maybe a low bearing tree if one is around.

tryklyte height.png
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