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• Whistler Crest holds no affiliation with other ARPGs. Should you choose to transfer a character from another group into our community, that character will become a citizen of Whistler Crest and cannot exist simultaneously elsewhere. 

• Whistler Crest provides a few alternatives to transfers should you rather another option. The standard MYO feature exists for both Draken and Nyulop (of which you may freely create two of each species), the Adopt feature which is for characters won in raffles or giveaways, and the rare Blessed feature which is event locked.

• Should you choose to transfer a character into Whistler Crest you must abide by the rules and guidelines provide below. They will assist you in the conversion process.

Basic Rules Regarding Transfers

1) All members are eligible for one (1) free transfer to begin. As transfers allow for many upgrades to be available at level 0 they will be obtainable through an item known as a Mysterious Train Ticket. This item will be accessible through giveaways, events and the Cash Shop.

2) Members may transfer one (1) character a month with a maximum of five (5) total transfers (excluding the free transfer). Transfers will be monitored by members of staff.

3) Mysterious Train Tickets may be gifted to other members and traded at The Trading Post, but are not allowed to be resold for deviantART Points or real world currency. 


Design Rules

Pure black (#000000) and pure white (#FFFFFF) are not legal colours and can not be used in transferred designs.


If you are turning your transferred character into a Draken you will have one of two options you may choose from:


1) You may select your Draken's element based on the colours of the original character design. For example, a design with oranges, reds and yellows should be converted to a Fire Draken.

2) You may forego the use of your character's original palette and instead work with one of the preexisting elemental palettes. This can be done through the use of Unlimited Colors (excluding the extended palette) and/or Tinter.


If you are turning your transferred character into a Nyulop than you will have one of two choices you may choose from:

1) You may retain your original colours as we will grant access to the adult upgrades Pelt Modifier, Add A Colour, Unlimited Colours and Colour Mixup.

2) You may forgo the use of your original palette in favour of working with one of the Standard Nyulop palettes (either Lucky or Unlucky).

One final thing before we get started! 

Whistler Crest does allow you to transfer in deceased characters! So long as the character does not exist actively in another ARPG they may be a part of this community.

Now here we go!

Step #1
Draken or Nyulop?

It's time to figure out which route you want to take! That's right, in Whistler Crest we offer more than one species option. You will need to convert your character into either a Draken or a Nyulop. You can find out all you need to know about both species here!

Step #2
Age Them Down

Since Whistler Crest works on an EXP based leveling system, you will start at Level 1 (instead of Level 0). Your character will be a child. Your character will start with 100 EXP instead of 0 EXP.

For more information and help on understanding EXP please read the EXP and Level Guide.

Step #3
Traits And How To Handle Them

For this step, you’ll need the Draken MYO Guide and the Nyulop MYO Guide. It is important to use these as reference material. It also would be beneficial to acquaint yourself with the species’ anatomy guides in order to help ensure you are drawing them correctly.

NOTE: ALL Baby upgrades are applicable when transferring! Accessories MUST still follow accessory rules and be kept simple.

You may add up to ten (10) applicable upgrades onto your transferred Draken/Nyulop!

Examples of Transferred Characters


Name: Remi

Species: Draken

Element/Alignment: Water

Gender: Female

Creation: Transfer/Transformation

• Fin Tail
• No ears
• No horns
• Tinter
• Spots
• Stripes

Old Application: LINK
(The original application of the character.)


Name: Azra

Species: Nyulop

Element/Alignment: Lucky

Gender: Female

Creation: Transfer/Transformation

• Great Hare Day
• Rounded Eyebrows
• Ear Tufts
• Broken Spots
• Sprite Wings
• Unlimited colors

Old Application: LINK
(The original application of the character.)

Draken Transfer Template

Nyulop Transfer Template

file (2).png
file (1).png

Ready to get your transferred character approved and join the community?

You will still need to get your character reviewed and approved by a member of staff.

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