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Known Creature Details



Pronunciation: tube-long

Male & Female: Toob

Infant: Floaty

Tooblongs are aquatic creatures often found in lakes, rivers, or oceans. The sac around its neck can inflate by pulling in water and is often used as a defense mechanism to ward of predators. Toobs are rather harmless and quick to panic and flail if taken out of water. They're quite slippery and are actually covered in blubber instead of scales.


Tooblongs lack any sort of mouth and thus filter feed. It will generally search around with its "nose" to try and scatter food particles in the water. The food particles are taken in by the gills underneath a Tooblong's neck sac.


Physical Variety

A Tooblong's color is dependent in what kind of water it lives in. Saltwater Toobs are vibrant in color, and are usually any color under the rainbow. Freshwater Toobs, however, are generally more pale coloring and having only cool colors.

Tooblongs 2.png
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