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Known Creature Details

Toadstools & Sporepoles

• Toad-stool
• Spore-pole

Female: Bell | Male: Bull | Baby: Sporepole

Toadstool, and their baby form sporepoles, are semi-aquatic amphibian creatures that appear to have a lifecycle closely tied with mushrooms. Known for being large and docile when fully grown, these creatures are timid and friendly in their demeanor, and are widely recognized  for their casual attitudes. 



Adult Toadstools lay their eggs beneath clusters of mushrooms. The eggs hatch and the sporepoles will remain under the protective cover of the mushrooms. As they grow, they feed on fungivores, like slugs and worms. 


Sporepoles are described as looking like the caps of mushrooms and it is believed this is an evolutionary adaptation. Looking like mushroom caps keeps them from being preyed on by birds while they are still small and bite-sized! 


Normally sporepoles are earthy colours consisting of greens and browns, with their undersides being varying shades of cream-like colours.


Round Sporepole

Thorny Sporepole

Speedy Sporepole


That seems boring! Now these little guys change colours—if you feed them, UH...fruits? Yes, fruits! They go WILD with colours! Way better than painting eggs!

Colour Growth of Sporepole

Seems as though our preexisting knowledge of the development of Sporepoles has been...incorrect? It appears that what they eat effects their physical appearance. We have started documenting that.

Tangy Root.png

Fully Grown Toadstools
They come in three varieties

The Round variety are known for being the most docile and timid of the three. These rotund amphibians are slow moving and don't hop so much as they rapidly waddle along (think gator crawl!). They have low and deep gruff croaks that can be heard at a distance and are content with remaining seated in a single spot for extended time, making them excellent alarm systems! They love receiving affection, especially scratches to the chin! They are known to sleep on and in dirt piles and burrows. They're excellent pest control for gardens as they sit contently and eat insects. 

The Thorny variety are known for being fiercely protective and territorial. Despite their outward appearance, they can make excellent family pets and are very gentle with children. They are known to enjoy carrying around their masters on their backs as they trot along. Their spikes are very sharp and any troublesome ones may need to be filed down. They enjoy having the large mushroom on their backs watered. It is not a necessity, but it is something they very much enjoy, and will cause them to make happy croaks that're likely higher pitched than one might expect.

The Speedy, or Zoomy, variety are known for being very fast and very agile. They can traverse over land and sea in a blink of an eye. Those who are daring and want to test their balance can have theirs leap from tree to tree as these Toadstools can stick to just about anything. Often they will show affection by leaning against their owner, which generally leads to said owner falling down if not prepared for the affection. Their mushrooms on their tail ends act as a sort of backseat to the rider.

Round 2.png
Thorny 1.png
Thorny 2.png

Living with your Toadstool

Generally, when raised from infanthood — meaning as sporepoles  — toadstools are very easy to manage. They are feed almost entirely on insects and manage their large size by resting frequently. They're often found napping in the sun or lazing in water. They can be fed fruits and vegetables, but do not like them nearly as much! These creatures are, in fact, mounts! 

Toadstools are patient and observant, making them very easy to train. Once trained they will be very obedient and listen closely to their master for queues or commands. 

They prefer to sleep at night...despite the numerous naps they take throughout the day.

Thorny 3.png
Speedy 3.png
Speedy 2.png

Toadstools are not always available!
Be mindful of the fact you can't catch sporepoles all year round.

Round 1.png
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