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The continent of Kladeon and surrounding islands have a level of technology advancement which falls between the mid to late 1800s. This is largely due to the fact that magic has stunted the growth of technology. As magic is easily accessible, can be learned by any healthy Draken or Nyulop, the need for technology is considerably less than what it would be in our world.

Despite this lack of many of our modern amenities, there is still quite a bit of technology utilized by the citizens of this world.

Printing Press.jpg

Whistler Crest has its own small printing press found in the basement of the Whistler Crest Community Museum. It is used to print newspapers, books and important documents. Much of what is written is done so on typewriters. The Council also makes use of a telegraph, which is found in their headquarters, used to communicate with the settlements in the Cobey Desert and Morray Mountains. There is an attempt being made to once again get it up and running again.


There is some electricity, as well as light bulbs inside buildings, but oil powered lanterns can still be found as well as matchbooks/matches.

Some other basics include rotary washing machines, dishwashers, sewing machines and icebox/refrigerators. Some other new and interesting inventions can be found sprinkled throughout the town, like a brand new soda fountain in the ice cream parlor!

Soda Fountain.png

When it comes to photography, Whistler Crest citizens still employ the use of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes (depending on what materials are available!), so handheld cameras aren't readily available. But you can definitely get some photographs of you and your friends if you visit the museum!

When it comes to travel, bicycles are the most common means of transport for singles, but drawn wagons are also available. There are also tracks for a steam locomotive outside of town...but they appear unfinished and don't seem to go anywhere.

Oil Lamp.jpg
Light Bulb.jpg

Oil-powered lamp.

Electric lamp.

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