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Known Creature Details


Crested Wistol
Pronounced: Wiss-toll

Female & Male: Crested Wistol

Infant: Wyas


Crested Wistol are large birds that are mainly known to be messengers. The difference between the male and female Wistol’s are their head feathers, males have a notch in them and longer feathers beneath their eyes, while females are the opposite with round head feathers and shorter feathers beneath their eyes. Many Wistol’s come in blues and dull purples, with a white chest and darker spots along their chest. Wistol’s also have a gradient on their beak that match the color of their head feathers.


The Crested Wistol breeding season takes place during the spring season, males will gift their desired partners with one of their feathers and if partner is to accept they become mates for that season. Some Wistol’s will stay mates throughout their years while others will move on. Females tend to lay clutches of 2-4 eggs and will spend most of the time keeping them warm while they depend on someone else to gather food for them; if a mother is to leave their eggs during this process it’s only because they’re desperate. 


Before they hatch, each Wyas’ egg are given a feather from their mothers as a gift to their young; because of this it’s easy to tell who the parents of these eggs are. Wyas’ are born with soft down feathers and a gray coat. Their head feathers are short and stumpy and have yet to grow along with the feathers that are connected under their eyes. Wyas legs are also very stumpy at a young age and because of that they tend to fall over and stumble over things.



Being carnivores, the Crested Wistol enjoys eating any sort of bugs they can find. Prismaworms are the easiest insect to feed them, however they will also eat any type of fish that is offered to them. Wistol’s also enjoy eating Battle’s but those are much harder to find. They will eat non stop if permitted so it’s advised to keep an eye on what your Wistol is trying to eat.

Abilities and Skills


Crested Wistol are known for their keen sight, fast speed, and their intelligence. Wistol’s are strong fliers and can withstand flying very close to the sea, can fly many miles within a short timespan, and lastly they can easily memorize a flight path; many Wistol are messengers because of these skills. However training a Wistol to become messenger birds requires some patience, despite being quick learners Wistol are large birds and have high needs and depend upon their owner to take care of them.

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