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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Tad-Ler

Plural: Taddlers

Young: Toodles

Taddlers are small slug-like creatures that live on Xaaida. They're often known for hiding among the plant-life and camouflaging with their surroundings if one doesn't look closely. They produce a extremely sticky mucous that helps them stick to just about any surface. Taddlers are often easily startled and don't like loud noises much.

Taddler 01.png



Taddlers come in four (4) colors; two seen more commonly further inland and the other two are found more near the coast.

The two inland varieties are:
Twig and Leaf

While the two coastal varieties are:
Sand and Bark

Eye color

When it comes to their eyes, each variant of Taddler has a specific range.

Twig are always shades of blue.

Leaf are always shades of yellow.

Sand are always shades of green.

Bark are always shades of orange.



Taddlers live off of twigs and leaves and are purely herbivores.

They can also eat grass if so desired.

Taddler 02.png


Taddlers, when bonded, aid in craft making, building, etc. Their sticky, glue-like mucous they produce can easily be mixed with dirt or mud to create a sturdy paste great for keeping objects together.

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