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★ Hello everyone! Welcome to Starsail 2021! ★ 

It's that time of year once again, with the Ssael migration soaring overhead, the skies are clear and stars are shining, and it's once again for our community to celebrate! If you are new to our community, or just need to brush up on holidays, you can get a brief overview of what Starsail means to the settlement of Whistler Crest.

This year we will see the return of Stalls, all of which will become active June 1st, 2021, and which you can wander about through the hub.


You will have until Wednesday June 30th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST to submit all your entries for this event. Please be sure you submit them to the Starsail 2021 folder.


Don't forget to collect your free Koal! 
These traditional articles of clothing are very popular during the festivities.


Interested in some traditional Starsail foods?

Shooting Star Fruit.png

The majority of Starsail foods are made using Shooting Star fruits. These star-shaped fruits are believed to grow from trees that sprout where falling stars struck the Earth, and as such are extremely popular during the festival. Their flavour is described as being sweet and tangy, which lends themselves to being made into a variety of baked goods, drinks and candies.


Shooting Star Fruit Cupcakes

Shooting Star Fruit Slices in Sweet Jelly

Draken and Nyulop shaped sweet cake buns

Star Delights.png

Star Cake Pops


Rock Star Candies

Star Drink.gif

Star Drinks
(click to see your flavour options)

Take me to the....

Twin Tails.png

For the duration of Starsail (the month of June) you may apply Double Wings and Twin Tails once each so long as you submit at least one (1) Starsail related entry to the Starsail 2021 gallery folder.

Their application details can be found in the "Rarities" tab for each species. They are compatible with many Wing and Tail types! If you are unsure about their application feel free to inquire with the group.


Heterochromia will be available to apply once to one (1) character so long as you complete all of the hunts. This means hunts one (1) to three (3) will need to be completed. Hunt four (4) is optional.


Starsail Festival Stall Hub

Festival Stalls
April Ssael Plush.png
Shooting Star Fruit Cupcakes.png

Remy’s Fish for a Wish

Run by: Remy
Location: HERE!
Description: Here ya can try your luck at hooking one of these Kolabine toys with this here fishing rod!

Balloon Pop Extravaganza

Run by: Typhoon
Location: HERE!
Description: Throw your darts at the balloon wall to try and pop one! You can pop anywhere from 1 to 2!

Treats and Delights

Run by: Taft
Location: HERE!
Description: Make your own special treats! Share them with others and spread the joy at Starsail.



Run by: Angel
Location: HERE!
Description: Come walk the starry path and see what dazzling prizes you can win!

Pin-The-Tail on the Ssael

Run by: Vac
Location: HERE!
Description: Ready for a fun guessing game of chance? 


Petals and Paints

Run by: Unknown
Location: HERE!
Description: If you're looking for some decorative face paints or lovely flower crowns, look not further, this stall is for you!


Junior Archaeologist Digpit

Run by: Tobias
Location: HERE!
Description: Have the itch to uncover something new and exciting? Tobias' Junior Archaeologist stall may be just for you! Junior may be in the name, but anybody of any age can join in for a chance to possibly uncover something to take home. See what you can uncover today!

Starsail Swag.png

Ready to win some goodies from the stalls? Well here's a list of all available clothing and plush prizes that are exclusive to Starsail. These do not include things like Washes or Cash Shop items. They're available all year round. These are prizes that you can only acquire during Starsail through playing the various stalls. Best of luck!

Yellow Cloak.png

Yellow Cloak

Green Cloak.png

Green Cloak

Blue Cloak.png

Blue Cloak

Star Glasses Yellow.png

Star Glasses: Yellow

Star Glasses Pink.png

Star Glasses: Pink

Purple Cloak.png

Purple Cloak

Pink Cloak.png

Pink Cloak

Red Cloak.png

Red Cloak

Star Glasses Blue.png

Star Glasses: Blue

Starry Night Poncho.png

Starry Night Poncho

Dusk Sky Scarf.png

Dusk Sky Scarf


Kolabine S1: Earth


Kolabine S1: Flying


Kolabine S1: Water

Pieshu S1 Cream.png

Pieshu S1: Tan

Pieshu S1 Blue.png

Pieshu S1: Blue

Pieshu S1 Green.png

Pieshu S1: Green

Piechu S1 Purple.png

Pieshu S1: Black

Ikka S1 Cream.png

Ikka S1: Tan

Ikka S1 Brown.png

Ikka S1: Brown

Ikka S1 Black.png
Lightning Spud S1.png

Ikka S1: Black

Lightning Spud S1

Ssael Aburn Plush S2.png

Ssael S2: Aburn Ssael

Ssael Lanky Midnight S2.png

Ssael S2: Lanky Midnight Ssael

Ssael S1 Purple Plush.png

Ssael S1: Purple

Ssael Purple Plush.png

Ssael S2: Starry Purple

Ssael Blue Plush.png

Ssael S2: Starry Blue

Pikoo Plush 2.png

Pikoo S2: Tan

Pikoo Plush 3.png

Pikoo S2: Blue

Star Slug Plush S1 1.png

Star Slug S1: Purple

Star Slug Plush 2.png

Star Slug S2: Purple-Blue

Ssael Green Clover plush.png

Ssael S2: Clover Green

Star Slug S1 3.png

Star Slug S1: Blue

Star Slug Plush 1.png

Star Slug S2: Pink-Orange

Pikoo Plush 1.png

Pikoo S2: Black n' White

Star Slug S1 2.png

Star Slug S1: Red

Star Slug Plush 3.png

Star Slug S2: Evening

Drakesprite Plush 1.png

Drakesprite S2: Tan

Drakesprite Plush 2.png

Drakesprite S2: Joyful

Drakesprite Plush 3.png

Drakesprite S2: Red

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