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Spirits of the North

Creatures of the dark and cold


You can defend yourself against Remnants using offensive magic and weaponry! Don't let them pin you, though, as they can manipulate Mana and cause Mana Burn. They must be absorbed into Spirit Crystals.

Classification: Spirit 
Also known as: Remnants, Wanderers 
Alignment: Neutral/Hostile

Originating from the deep North, from the lands that still remain unexplored to this day and only a few records exists to bring the stories of the unknown that still hides in the snowy realm, these Spirits roam the cold wastelands.

The legend says they are soul remnants of the deceased travelers and explorers who became lost and were claimed by the unforgiving land. Slowly they lost the consciousness of their former self, which was replaced by the desire to become complete once again. In their quest they adapted to gathering objects from their surroundings and evolved to be capable of building a body from the parts they find, including plants, rocks and animal fragments.


They appear as milky see-through beings of unstable and constantly shifting form. Due to the unique nature of each creature they greatly vary in shape. They can be of various forms, loosely based on the animals or creatures they absorbed, some even might mimic in their shape a Draken or a Nyulop. All of them, however, are incapable of flight, even upon taking a form of a creature that has wings and is naturally airborne.

Most of them are small and docile, though as they collect more energy they grow and get more and more ravenous, which in time leads to their internal corruption. It happens that such corrupted spirits, being desperate to consume more energy, turn on their own kind and start devouring any other spirit they come in contact with. The insatiable goal they are set upon becomes their eternal hunger that drives them to seek and claim magic from any source they can find.

Remnant Type B.

Small, harmless Remnants that build themselves sturdy bodies.

Remnant Type A.

Remnants that have not absorbed anything.


Its been said that ancient settlers dealt with them by setting boulders charged with Mana and special spells that would keep them at bay. But since it was ages ago, that containing magic has faded away and the spirits slowly started heading south.

They don't have much of a consciousness, so they mainly walk in circles or without any aim. They are mostly driven by the lust for magic, which they can sense. Like a shark sensing blood they'll hunt the scent down, but they are usually very slow so it takes them a while to get anywhere.

Remnant Type C.

Type C are the truly dangerous Remnants, known for attacking wayward Draken and Nyulop.



Many different forms have bee spotted over the years. Some are slow, lumbering beasts...others are looming, haunting silhouettes seen only from the treeline. No matter what they look like, they must still be treated with extreme caution, and ample warning given to those around you.

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