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These mysterious entities have existed alongside Draken and Nyulop since ancient times. They have been recorded in both scholarly texts and fairy tales, being benevolent and malevolent beings, interacting with Draken and Nyulop in many different ways.

Their scientific classification has been documented as Nafshama Spiritus. Although Nafshama, being a proper name, is normally only used by scholars. The more common term used by folks is a simplified "Spirit". These Spirits inhabit the world around Draken and Nyulop, and are more often invisible and incorporeal, but this isn't always the case. 


Spirits are known to be totemic in nature. They exist as an embodiment or representation of a location or construct. This means Spirits are associated with specific things. For example, you could have a forest Spirit, a river Spirit, a mountain Spirit, etc. These spirits would live in these areas and be found within or surrounding them. As such, Draken and Nyulop have come to treat many Spirits as emblems, some communities going so far as to declare certain types of or individual Spirits as mascots. 

They are, however, elusive beings. They are known to remain fixed to locations and seem to draw energy from them. So, Spirits of the forest would remain attached in a way to the forest, both inhabiting it and feeding off the energy it produces. They are extremely protective of their homes and will perceive the disrespect or mistreatment of it as an attack. Doing so may result in being cursed by a Spirit, which will not only negatively affect the individual, but is frowned upon in most societies, which may lead to being ostracized. 


As many people do not often see Spirits, and those who do manage sightings describe a wide array of things, most scholars and spiritualists depict Spirits in a very simplified way. They are often drawn as blackened entities with glowing eyes, with their size and complexity denoting their status on the hierarchy. It is also fairly common to include a sort of halo around the heads of Spirits, which are often colour-coded. Fae Spirits, as they are most associated with lower levels of nature, have green colours. Isochronal Spirits are often associated with a more Draken and Nyulop-like appearance and giving the colour purple to represent them. Guardian Spirits, being considered the largest and most powerful, are given the colour pink as their representative colour.




Most individuals cannot naturally see Spirits unless particular circumstances are met. Spiritualist Nyulop are an exception to the rule, but even then, they usually commune with Fae Spirits. Guardian Spirits and Isochronal Spirits must meet specific requirements in order to be seen. Despite this, a fascination with the realm of Spirits has grown, and many methods have been employed in the hopes of making a connection. The use of specific tools are often utilized by Draken and Nyulop in order to open a line of communication with these invisible beings. Spirit Balls and Spirit Boards have been used. Both are only capable of simple yes and no type communication...but many scholars believe these do not truly connect with spiritual beings.  

Types of Spirits

Hierarchy of Spirits

Spirits are known to be one of three classifications. These categories determine the nature of the Spirit, their strengths and abilities, and how they interact with Draken and Nyulop on the continent of Kladeon.

Fae Spirits

These Spirits are not seen by most folks. They are invisible to the naked eye and require magic to be seen. They live in clusters and protect individual things within a location. A common example of this are Fae Spirits protecting a tree within a forest. They are known to care for and tend to the environmental needs of the location in which they exist and are fiercely protective of their space. They are normally very docile and prefer to avoid conflict, however, so they don't seek out altercations with Draken and Nyulop. They are curious and will watch Draken and Nyulop which travel through their homes.


Isochronal Spirits

These Spirits are unique in that they can be visible to Draken and Nyulop, but only for short predetermined bouts of time. They are active during this select amount of time and can be counted on like clockwork, appearing yearly during this set time frame. These Spirits hibernate when not active, absorbing energy to make it possible to manifest themselves corporeally, and are known to interact with Draken and Nyulop. Often times their true identities are not known as they can appear as anything they choose, their truest form a mystery to those around them. These Spirits often represent concepts more so than a physical place, and being embodiment of these things, their entire self — personality and all — revolves around it.

Known Isochronal Spirits:

Skell Reynard | The Bestower  
The Grand Giver | Topsy Turvy


Guardian Spirits


Alternatively known as Protector Spirits, these beings are similar to their Isochronal counterparts, in that they are capable of manifesting themselves in a physical form which can be seen by Draken and Nyulop without the need of magic. Where they differ is in the circumstances. They are not constrained by time, but instead they appear during particular events. For example, a Mountain Spirit may only be visible to someone when it's snowing on the mountain, and not when it is clear and sunny. It is because of this they have often been dubbed as guardians of their respective locations as they seem to quite literally embody the elements themselves. These beings are larger and more formidable, often appear as massive creatures straight out of myth. For the most part they are benevolent and even known to give their Blessings to those who prove themselves worthy.

Known Guardian Spirits:

Munerith | Samarra | Atmos

Companion Stones

Companion Stones & Spirits


What are Companion Stones?

Companion Stones are very rare types of stone which are imbued with spiritual energy. In fact, it is believed that they stones are inhabited by Spirits, and they draw energy from the world around them in order to manifest a physical form. These stones are often worked into weaponry so the wielder may summon the Spirit from within to help boost their Mana and receive council. These Spirits may act as a second pair of eyes on the field of battle.

There are a variety of known stones which have been documented and which are known to be in the possession of Draken and Nyulop. It is believed, however, that there are still yet to be discovered variations which contain unknown Spirits!

There is still much to be discovered...

How Do I Get A Companion Stone?

Companion Stones, being very rare, are not easily found. It is widely believed that Guardian Spirits may reward heroic actions with these stones.

How Do I Combine A Companion Stone With My Weapon?

Oren will assist with combining Companion Stones at the Forge. He may have his own requirements for doing so!
You can get more details on combining your Companion Stones here!

What Sort Of Boost Do They Give?

The boost each stone can give can be found below, each with their own special buffs!

Known Available Companion Stones


Amber Stone


Citrine Stone


Selenite Stone


Emerald Stone


Ruby Stone


Peridot Stone


Lapis Stone


Charoite Stone

Larmir Stone.png

Larimar Stone

Onyx Stone.png

Onyx Stone

Bismuth Stone


Dusty Quartz Stone

Chalcedony Stone.png

Rhodonite Stone

Chalcedony Stone


Watermelon Tourmaline Stone


Chunky Stone


Turquoise Stone


Sugilite Stone


Sulfur Stone


Topaz Stone


This companion Spirit is known to be fierce and fast. The fiery look and effect of the Spirit often leads for it to be attached to weapons. This Spirit can boost fire Draken and fire based casting for Nyulop.

This companion Spirit is slow moving but very strong, when partnered it can help strengthen earth Draken or plant focused magic in Nyulop. It is very calm and good to have around for company. 

This companion Spirit is known for its lax personality. They are able to adapt easily to new situations and scenarios and have a calming effect on their partners. They can boost water elemental Draken and increase stamina in Draken and Nyulop.

This companion Spirit is known to be eccentric and energetic. They seem to have their own agenda, and while they will help when needed, they may just test their owner's patience at times. This Spirit can boost wind elemental Draken and increase speed for Draken and Nyulop.

This companion Spirit known for being hot headed and stubborn. They tend to be loyal to their owner, but aggressive to most other creatures. This Spirit can increase attack power and physical strength for Draken and Nyulop.

This companion Spirit is often very sweet and loyal. They get very attached to their owners and are always ready to help with battles or anything else they could be useful for. This Spirit can increase defense for Draken and Nyulop.

This companion Spirit is known for its tenacity and hardiness. They will follow their owners anywhere and everywhere and are thought to be the most loyal of Spirits. They increase ice magic in Draken and give an incredible boost to stamina for Draken and Nyulop.

This companion Spirit is known for its sense of humor. It often times will giggle at jokes or play harmless pranks. It is thought to be very intelligent! It will give its owner boosts in problem solving and tactics.

larimar companion.png

This Companion Spirit is always raring to go, often darting around in a zigzag manner when out with its partner. This Spirit can boost lightning elemental Draken and can improve a Draken and Nyulop's evasion.

onyx companion.png

This Companion Spirit is rather timid and faint of heart, often sticking close to its partner when out and about. This Spirit boosts the accuracy of Draken and Nyulop.

rhodonite companion.png

This Companion loves to be outdoors and always has a happy-go-lucky demeanor to it. This Spirit helps Draken and Nyulop with their sense of directions when out in the world.

chalcedony companion.png
stones bismuth spirit.png
stones tourmaline spirit.png

This companion stone is known for its constant alert state. They are curious by nature and have an uncanny ability to sense where you are no matter how hidden. This spirit boosts dexterity and sharpens the vision of Draken and Nyulop.

This spirit is quiet and has a wise, kind energy around it. It is known to help muffle noises any sounds Nyulop and Draken make, and makes them nearly undetectable.

This coy little spirit is known for being rather aloof. It is known to help boost the confidence and courage in its Nyulop and Draken partners.


You feel slower, but you feel like there is more power behind your attacks with this companion.


Your stealth is off the charts! You feel one with the dirt shifting in the winds, almost unnoticed. You do seem to have to stop often to catch your breath after sneaking about though... Also, why is your heart beating so fast?


The speed, it feels like your swings and attacks are faster! The only trade-off is your moves aren't very accurate....

sugilite spirit.png

This Companion Spirit is often silly, twisting and turning in the air as if swimming through water. This Spirit can boost the swim speed of its owner.

sulfur spirit.png

This Companion Spirit tends to always be in a foul mood, usually not taking antics or goofing off very well. Despite its grumpy nature, this Spirit is loyal to its owner. This Companion can create a particular scent that will keep wild creatures away from their owner.

topaz spirit.png

This Companion Spirit is absentminded, often not paying attention and lost in its thoughts. This Companion helps its owner find edible food out in the wild.


Channeling with Spirits


What is Channeling?

Channeling is a high level skill which can be performed by a Spiritualist. It is the act of manipulating energy. This energy is one which can be found within all living things, and which a Spiritualist can withdraw, imbue and move on command.

Channeling occurs when energy is moved. This movement can occur in two key ways. Firstly, energy can be moved from one living thing to another. Secondly, energy can be withdrawn from one living thing and imbued within an inanimate object.

Why can Spiritualists Channel?

It is believed that Spiritualists can essentially tap into energies which flow within our realm and the realm of the Spirits. It is a shared energy that encompasses our world. It is energy found in all things: plants, creatures, Draken and Nyulop! It is believed that their connection to the realm of the Spirits allows Spiritualists to harness and move energy as Spirits themselves can. It is said that this is a skill taught to an ancient Spiritualist by an even more ancient Spiritual being. 

Can Draken Channel?

This is not a skill Draken can acquire naturally. Much like being able to see Spirits, Channeling and any other Spiritualist related gift must be earned by Draken through Blessings. It is not widely known how or where this mysterious ritual is undertaken, but the inhabitants of 
Channelium Faith, who train Spiritualists, are the only ones knowledgeable about how acquiring these abilities happen.


Channeling in Culture

Channeling is treated as a very high level and respectable ability. It is a skill not all Spiritualists achieve, and as such, it is highly coveted.


Spiritualists may perform Channeling Ceremonies, known colloquially as Seoirits, in which they draw in Spirits by their energy to better communicate with them. These are often hosted as parties and many onlookers watch as the Spiritualists perform.


This is a term which refers to the act of a Spiritualist Channeling a collective amount of energy. This one Spiritualist acts as a singular point to which all surrounding energy is drawn in, usually in an effort to bolster power or to imbue something. With the consent of all those around, the Spiritualist will pull energy and transfer it either into themselves or into another living being or object. This act often times boosts Mana, physical strength and all other essential stats if transferred into a living being.


Spirit Flowers

Alternatively known as melanchnia, this unique flora is documented as growing in locations where high concentration of energies can be found. They will grow on the ground beneath the feet of those Channeling, regardless of environment and temperature, remaining bloomed all year round.

When inactive, the flowers can be found in a bell-like shape, their petals pointed downward. When active, the flowers point upwards, a ball of blue glowing energy spawning in the center and glowing buds growing from the stem. Normally these flowers do not have leaves. It is unknown how they remain alive.


Spirit Rings

Spirit Rings refers to the phenomena in which clusters of Spirit Flowers form a circular patch on the ground. Within these rings nothing beyond grass grows. It is said that when you step within the ring you can feel an odd electricity pulsating through your body. Some find this unsettling, while others are known to meditate within rings.

In the evening, these rings produce a faint blue glow that draws living things in. It is unknown why this occurs, as there are no further effects upon approaching the flowers. They simply glow faintly until the sun rises.

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