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Known Creature Details

Speckled Thuddley
Spekəld Thud-Lee
Also Known As: Thuddley
Plural: (Speckled) Thuddles
Young: Thiddley

Speckled Thuddles are dangerous, carnivorous creatures known for eating anything that moves. A Thuddley are actually completely blind but rely on their heightened sense of smell and hearing.

    They create a sweet scent from their tails that acts as a marker for their prey, it will release this scent all around and any creature that stays in the area for too long will catch the disease known as the “Specks” as pink-orange spots will spread across the creature’s cheek.


The Specks cause the victim to continue smelling the sweet scent until it becomes incredibly nauseating to the point that the victim can’t move.

The Thuddley will then follow its scent till it finds its prey and begins to feast.


Speckled Thuddles are terribly territorial and will attack other Thuddles if they cross paths. A Thuddley will care for its young until the young develop its own scent. Once the young make its own scent it will go off on its own and continue on its life. If the parent and child meet again, they will treat the other just as hostile as any other Thuddley. 


Thuddles are roughly hip height on an average adult Nyulop/Draken, and tend to be a bit taller than kits and draklings. 



The Greater Speckled Thuddley


The big bosses of the Speckled Thuddley world are known as Greater Thuddley. These Thuddley grow to be considerably larger than their smaller counterparts and because of this usually take on a leadership role. 


They are more powerful than their smaller counterparts too, being able to breathe the Speckled Thuddley's scent in with their mouths and tails, while also being capable of spreading their own scents to cover a wider radius. 

Greater Thuddley are far more aggressive than normal Speckled Thuddley's, not hesitating to just chomp whatever they like, including the heads of the smaller Thuddley's. It is best to avoid going near their mouths as Greater Thuddley are capable of taking huge chomps and will rip flesh easily. 


How to defend against Thuddleys:

In order to defend against Thuddley's, you should try to knock them over! Distance attacks are better suited for handling them, as you want to avoid getting too close! Weapons are also recommended...but be wary of their scents and gnarly teeth!

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