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Known Creature Details



Pronunciation: Shar- Go

Male: Bite | Female: Chomp

Young: Chuwee (Chewy)

Plural: Shargoes

Shargoes are big, bulky beast known for their stubborn attitude. They have a habit of drooling when mad and upset. Their front claws have webbing between each claw to help them swim. The two sets of eyes are always different colors from the other.


Shargoes come in four different colors. Vast is the most common and generally the color most think of when a Shargo comes to mind.

Speckled is a close second and with Rock and Grain rarely seen. All four variants can be found all across the Isle of Xaaida.

Eye Color

When it comes to eye colors, it has been documented that eye sets match. So the bottom, primary eyes, are always the same color and the upper, secondary eyes, are always the same color. 



Chuwee gnaw a lot, and tend drool when happy. One of the main things when choosing a Shargo is that you must be ready to discipline them as they are stubborn...even as babies.


Shargoes are carnivores and generally feed off smaller creatures on the island. Most often a Shargo hunts in the water for food.


Shargoes are hefty creatures and as such help with lugging around heavy loads, such as trees. They're also large mounts in generally but are often seen helping carry the heavier items to the villages. Shargoes are one of the more stubborn creatures to bond with but eventually they are known to be playful and protective over their bonded.

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