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Welcome to the Housing Registry for children!

It is our goal to help your character find housing with one of the four available homes run by the Housemasters. The township of Whistler Crest offers themed housing based around the seasons. You will be able to choose from Summer House, Autumn House, Winter House and Spring House. All of which are run by their respective Housemasters. These Housemasters are appointed by the Council to be live-in caregivers. They will do their utmost to make sure your loved, fed, healthy and happy up until you're ready to venture out into the world!

Summer Sun Housemaster

Autumn Wind Housemaster

Winter's Cold Housemaster

Spring Leaf Housemaster

Summer Sun House.png
Summer Sun Symbol.png
Summer Sun Logo.png

Just like summer is the season to meet up with all of your friends and hang out, Summer Sun aims to bring Draken and Nyulop together under one roof with organized group activities and sporting events. Occupants are not forced to take part in activities, and their space is respected and valued. Blaise enjoys bringing groups together in order to have fun together, after all the more the merrier! As much as Blaise encourages group play, he also encourages safe play and the occupants of the house are careful in taking care of themselves and others. Summer Sun welcomes tenants who wish to incorporate a little fun into their everyday lives and create powerful bonds of friendship between each other.

Autumn Wind Logo.png

Autumn marks the beginning where many plants and animals prepare to sleep for winter, but Autumn Breeze is seeks to nurture that life no matter the state it's in. The occupants of Autumn Breeze hold a great respect for nature and it's cycles, and learn to care for many types of flora and fauna. Housemaster Honey is huge on gardening, and also holds a host of knowledge on various herbs and other plants so it's said that the food in this house is out of this world. Whispers pick up volume throughout the house every evening around supper for good reason.

Autumn Wind House.png
Winter's Cold House.png
Winter's Cold Logo.png

Winter’s Cold is the house for any studious Draken and Nyulop seeking a quiet place to study. The house is often very peaceful, quiet and still. Most of the occupants like to spend time in the reading room, library or their own rooms, with their noses between the pages of a good book. House Master, Carina, encourage these sorts of academic pursuits. Winter’s Cold houses tenants whom focus heavily on the pursuit of knowledge, those who seek to understand more, and knowing the world around them in as much detail as possible. A large part of what Winter House teaches is the reading of weather patterns and signs, mapping stars in charts and documenting findings for future use.

Autumn Wind Symbol.png
Winter's Cold Symbol.png
Spring Leaf Logo.png

Spring Leaf is the type of house that caters best to those who want to train their bodies as much as their minds. Strength and endurance is key to being the very best Draken and Nyulop you can be! And especially so if you can then use that strength and endurance to help build and create things for all of Whistler Crest to use. If you’re creative and enjoy hands on working, then Spring Leaf is for you, because this is exactly the place that nurtures that type of growth. Whether you’re working out or working on a project, you can bet Spring Leaf’s the house that’ll best meet your needs.

Spring Leaf House.png
Spring Leaf Symbol.png
Winter's Cold House.png

Once you've chosen your House it's time to choose your room type!

Single Bedroom.png


Comes with:

• One (1) bed
• One (1) desk
• One (1) chair
• One (1) blanket box
• One (1) wall shelf
• One (1) lamp table

Double Bedroom.png


Comes with:

• Two (2) beds
• Two (2) desks
• Two (2) chairs
• Two (2) blanket boxes
• Two (2) wall shelves
• Two (2) lamp tables

Singles vs. Doubles Rooms:

Singles rooms are your standard room. These are more private and allow a Draken or Nyulop to live quietly and without distraction. These are recommended for critters whom enjoy peace and quiet, like their own personal space, and have a preference for solitude. The more studious type are the kind to enjoy these rooms. Or, maybe, are you hiding something?

Doubles rooms are larger than the singles. They have the room for two beds, two desks, shelves and whatever else two critters want. These are recommended for Draken and Nyulop whom enjoy being social, interacting with someone else, and always having someone else to rely on or talk with. The more extroverted individuals will enjoy these rooms. Or maybe you just don't like being alone?

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How do we know our roommate if they're randomly assigned to us?
The same way you'd find anyone sharing the same space! You'll have the same room number!

Q. Can we request a specific roommate if we don't want it to be randomly assigned?
Yes you can! Just make sure to let a member of staff know you'd like to be paired with a specific roommate ahead of time. You can do so on the Discord server while registering.

Q. If I don't like my roommate, what do we do?
That depends! If your character doesn't like their roommate...make a comic or story explaining why! Then we'll see if your House Master can move you. But if it's an issue between users please message the group privately.

Q. What if I register for a doubles but there isn't currently another person looking for a roommate?
Then you will be placed in a doubles room until a roommate becomes available. Should you change your mind before this, then we will change you to a singles room.

Q. What do I do after I've finished signing up?
Once you've filled out the necessary information you may move your character into their room. Their room will start out very basic, with only what's listed above, and in the colours of your chosen house. You may decorate your room however you'd like so long as you don't damage anything! 

Q. Where do I go to see my room number?
You just pop over to the
Room Directory. You can view the housing of all four houses there. You'll need to click the tab at the bottom of the page which says "Seasonal Housing" and from there you can search your username/character name.

Copy this form, fill it out and follow the link

• deviantART username:
• Character(s) name:
• Character(s) selected house:
• Single or Double room:
Include whether or not they have a preferred roommate

You may register more than one character at a time, but be sure that's clearly stated with the above form.

Ready to get started? 

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