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Known Creature Details



Pronounced: Rock-Stompers

Female: Fen | Male: Doc | Baby: Knitling

Rockstompers are large, rodent like creatures that are found exclusively on Xaadia, and have adapted aptly to the harsh climate the island homes. They have a couple characteristic features that make them stand out more than a standard tundra rodent would (and its more than just their foul temper!). Rockstompers have thick, shaggy, mohawked pelts that vary on what environment that they live in, large sharp claws, and prominent tusks they use for carrying young, battling, and digging around for tubers and roots. They stand about a foot and a half, to a a foot and three quarters tall at head height (around knee high for a 5'6" individual). Babies are born around 5-6 inches tall, and slowly grow until they reach one year of age.

There is three known variants of Rockstomper: Mountain, Forest, and Tundra. Mountain variant Rockstompers are mostly mottled grey, with some slight green or blue-purple undertones, and are mainly found in areas where theres plenty of rocks to camouflage in. Forest variants have different shades of greens, browns, creams, and dark greys in their pelt, and each one is different than the last in terms of looks. Different forest areas tend to have different looking populations of Rockstompers however! They have adjusted to best fit their area they live in. Tundra Rockstompers are mainly shades of beiges, dark browns, and blacks. They blend in with the tan grasses that make up the majority of their home.

They live in family groups of 3-4, which usually consists of a Fen, a Doc, and their young. The knitlings don't leave the family den until the mother has a new litter, which is once every year, in the Fall. Both parents partake in the raising of the young, and will defend them with a relentless rage. However, once the mother has new knitlings, the year old knitlings are driven from the territory. Once the new adults are moved out, they will be treated as if they were intruders if they ever came back to the family nest.


Bonding with a Rockstomper

Bonding with a Rockstomper is slightly more unusual than most other Bonding rituals, in which you do not choose the creature you bond with, they choose YOU (and are very picky about it as well). If chosen by one of these ill-tempered little creatures, you'll have a fierce and steady little companion, who will stay by your side and basically becomes a small shoulderside sentinel. Their demeanor towards their Bond becomes surprisingly docile, and they often sleep on top of the one they've chosen.

The benefits to Bonding with a Rockstomper vary per individual. Some enjoy the company the small rodent provides, others, feel inspired their bold nature and determination, and some even use them to aid in hunting, as the small critters can bolt after any prey, and help their Bond catch them.



Rockstompers are primarily omnivorous, though they more often than not enjoy eating any meats or fish they can get ahold of by hunting down smaller critters, or swimming in creeks. They have been known to also attempt to take bites out of unaware Finley that trespass in their territory, so watch out! Rockstompers have a dogged sense of determination, and will chase intruders for miles if enraged enough.

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