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WC Group Reopening!

Hello everybody! This is a journal officially announcing all the things that went underway when the group was closed. Some features are still underway due to making sure everything's as good as it can be, but they will still be announced in this journal for you guys to look forward to!~


Updates to functions and site!

• The Great Rite has been updated! New art, and further details have been clarified!

• Community Jobs will be released on a monthly basis to the ReQuest board for Capella earning chances! • NPC lead classes will be making a comeback! Potion Making Classes, Washes Classes, and more will become available for interactions and registration during this year!

• Seasonal Housings registration function has been retired. You can freely bunk your kids into which house you would like, and with whatever roomie. Keeping track of what house theyre in and what accessories they want to have is up to you! You may still fill the form of what you want out for tracking sake in the housing reg channel in discord.

• Independent Housing has been updated as well, with new housing types, new expansions, and some new rule and price changes to make things more accessable and exciting! • Teams for Expeditions will become re-active! A journal for re-registering will become available shortly on the site

• Added Calamity as a BAR and her first BAR interaction

• Meet the Staff page and staff perks have been publicly listed once again! • EXP Background Guide, and new Background level has been added!

• Isle of Xaaida exclusive upgrade pages were added

• Chaos Constructs were added

• Drakesprite traits were re-added • FAQ Page on the site has been updated! • Group History Plot summary has been added on site

• Slowgrow Draken Guide has been released and made live! • A Banking Guide has been created, and is live on the banking shop page!

• Isle of Xaaida Content: Events, exclusive rarities, Spirit introductions, pilgrimages and more to be released this year! (including an event to be released next month, First Thaw!)

• Wayward Spirit Plot, and main group plot to be picked back up and continued after the COVID-19 caused hiatus! • A few upgrades had their rules updated to include color rules, and a couple rules were clarified on the EXP guide page


Systems still under construction

• Height guide for creatures compared to adult and baby Draken and Nyulop

• Weapon Customization + New Companion Stones for Islanders

• Pogs AND Plushies are getting a minorly rehauled system! New upgrades, updated art, and a more coherent collectors guide detailing their purpose and unlockable rewards are on the way!

• Pets are getting their own unique system of earning “upgrades”, and becoming more unique and useful!

• Varkerys rehauled system to be released this year! With new art, upgrades, exclusive activities, and ways of acquiring them easier! • The major Jobs system is still under construction to be the best and most coherent it can be! The starter Jobs, and beginner ranks will be released, alongside the introduction of a few new out-of-town NPCs hopefully sometime around early Q2 of this year! • Samarra will be released by Spring


Sneaky Peek + Fun Reminders

•Travel to Xaadia and travel to New Prosperos should be looked forward to!

• Release of Astralits

• Anni kids are returning, and a free gift slot to be made available!

• Re-release of exclusive Early Bird 2017 upgrades in celebration of the groups 5th anniversary!

And more to come! Keep tuned Crestians~

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