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Topsy Turvy Event 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Part 1

Read the comic here!

Looks like Taft has been having some unwanted visitors during the past nights that seem to be helping themselves to his baked goods! He’s calling upon the residents of Whistler Crest to help look into this matter and after a few nights, it looks like a few rowdy spirits might be the cause!

- Prompt: Draw your characters investigating Taft’s bakery for any signs of the spirits or draw them pursuing the spirits. (Design down below)

- Requirements: Shaded figures and at least a simple background

- Bonus Prompt for those with the ‘Ghost Senpai noticed me’ role: You'll know

> Due by: 11:59 pm EST on April 9th <


Part 2

Read the comic here!

Seems like Topsy has taken notice of the strange happenings going down in Whistler Crest! What shenanigans will she bring with her- huh?!

What’s this? Topsy… Topsy was the one who…


The two spirits have fully revealed themselves! Oh. Oh, they do not look happy. Looks like Topsy’s appearance has upset the two of them and now they are causing their own brand of chaos! Please be careful everyone! The tantrum these two are causing seems to be affecting everyone!

Prompt: Draw your characters being affected by either any or all of the listed chaos choices below; you may choose or not choose to draw either or both of the spirits for this prompt:

Swap! Your Draken or Nyulop seemed to have been swapped to a different element/the opposite alignment!

Invert! The colors currently on your characters have been inverted; NOT INCLUDING eyes, Third Eye Gem, Whiskers, and accessories/clothing


Babified! Oh no, looks like the grown-ups have turned back into Draklings and Kits! Upgrades stay when babified but the Drakens have gotten their notch back; aka no third eye gem on Draklings.

Requirements: Shaded figures and at least a simple background

Due by: 11:59 pm EST on April 16th

The Spirits


Part 3

Read the comic here!

Oh, praise the Greater Energy Circle! Looks like the Spiritualists are stepping in to help calm down these spirits. Seems like Leota has an idea, but it looks like she’ll need some supplies as well trying to get the two spirits to calm down. Looks like we got our hands full here. Time to split up.

Prompt: Either help calm the two spirits down enough to get them to settle down or help Leota by finding the necessary supplies she needs to help the spirits.

Supplies include: Ribbons and some metal/metallic ore. You will only need to draw your character finding one of these supplies.

Requirements: Shaded figures and a simple background

*Requirements for Heterochromia: Shaded figures and a detailed background

Due by: 11:59 pm EST on April 30th

You have the option to draw your characters with the chaos choices still affecting them from the previous part if you so wish.


Welcome to this year’s Topsy event! This will be a month-long event. For this event, the amount of art required will be three (3) separate pieces. There will also be three rewards (3) for the event. For those who got noticed by Ghost, they will get a bonus prompt and a bonus reward.

- For completing one (1) prompt: 15 Capella

- For completing two (2) prompts: A rare or Atlas Class wash of your choice

- For completing three (3) prompts: Heterochromia Upgrade*

*To earn the Heterochromia Upgrade the final prompt MUST have a detailed background.

Collabs are allowed, follow the normal collab rules (aka both must upload but at least one needs to submit to the folder).

Pay attention to the due dates as new parts are released. Time Tickets are allowed but you have to claim them according based on their description, for each week.

Thank you and enjoy the event!

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