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Sheriff's Announcement

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Mae: Afternoon townies! Good to see a good bunch of yall here today!

Mae: As im sure you're all aware of by now, this towns got some.....Issues...surrounding Dark Years arrival. I plan to nip this in the bud, cause ive certainly had enough of it by now.

Mae: So, with the Councils permission, I am going to mobilize a proper Town Guard. All Finley aged 16 years and older, with their own weapons and an open schedule will be considered.

Mae: BUT! I wont be dealing with any goof-offs, jokesters, or people lookin to get off with an easy job! No sleepin on shift types either. This will be a proper job, you will be paid for your time on shift, so I better not be catching any 'wise guys' trying to steal a quick buck by not showing up!

Mae: .......Anyways..

Mae: With that out of the way...Those that wish to join and try out, please follow me to the Guild Hall for further evaluation, and registration. I will be there to answer any more questions to interested parties.


With her announcement concluded, Mae hops down from Twiggy's brick planter, and heads down the main road to the Guild Hall. Many Finley are excitedly whispering to one another, and several quickly jog after Mae excitedly. Will you be one of them?


With Mae's announcement comes the start of a rather large feature i've been working on for awhile! The Town Guard position unlocks the first of several starter jobs I hope to release in batches over the coming months between my own job and regular life! Jobs will be art based, and participation is mandatory if you wish to be paid! The starting rate for a Town Guard is 1 Ringel a week, and at least one polished piece of your character on the job will be needed to be completed per week to collect payment (simpler pieces showing interaction with other guards or doing other misc activities on the job are also welcome to be done, but will not count for the checkin)! Pictures will be able to be submitted via the website into the new Jobs folder, and they must be approved through discord using the #timepunch channel before submission (similar to how magic is handled!). Open ended prompts for drawing will be provided for inspiration as well.

New recruits will receive a simple maroon and white uniform vest with a council seal badge embroidered on the top left above the heart, their time schedule, a set of rules and conduct, and where they'll be set on duty. They also get an equipment kit containing a simple restraint, a badge with their name and a small first aid bundle. A Discord role will also be available for those who join the new guard! TO JOIN THE GUARD, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST BELOW WITH: Your DA name Discord Tag Character whos signing up Character ref +age and weapon they weild! Good luck Crestians!

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