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September 2022 Newsletter

Elemitters Naming and Accessory Contest is closed. Many thanks to everyone who participated! Now the Mods will judge all the entries and the winners will be announced soon. In case people have not heard, there was actually an extra week given to claim Starsail prizes! Because we all are terrible procrastinators and leave things for the last minute... September 8th is the last, absolute and final deadline for this event. Use this last chance to grab more Upgrades for your kids! And if you happened to use a Ticket to extend the deadline (because as stated in May's Newsletter, Time Tickets can now be used to extend any deadline), please go to the Bank and ask for the Ticket to be added back to your hoard.

With all the rush of getting the art done on time behind us, September will be a quiet month to allow everyone to calm down and chill after the hustle that Starsail has brought. Simply take a step back, relax, and let the time fly by as you gather your strength for the upcoming months. Alternatively, if you still feel the creative juices flowing, this may see this as an opportunity to focus on developing your characters! Draw them interacting with friends, enemies, or an array of many NPCs that can be met in the Town. A quiet month may be a perfect time to develop some relationships! Speaking of relationships, you may, for example, see if you'd be interested in bonding with one of the BAR characters to see where your choices take you. Or how about helping to build a school in Whistler Crest as a part of a Community Work Project?

There's nothing here. Really. We really need a break after the barrage of returning rare Upgrades. If you feel the need to transform your character even further, then please do check the existing Upgrades. Maybe something catches your eye.

Mae: Several finley came to me lately complaining about some strange critter sneaking around at night around their property. I wouldn't be too worried about it, but given that last time such an incident was just the beginning of a month-long chaos in the Town, I want you to keep your eyes wide open on your night shifts. We don't need any more spirit shenanigans happening anytime soon. Hopefully it's just some stray critter looking for an opportunity for an easy night snack.

PROMPTS FOR THE MONTH: Suspicious activity

This will count for your 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. Images must be polished with a complex background.

  • Draw your character patrolling the Town at night.

Oh hey, Twiggy's flowers started turning into fruit! Wonder when those will be ripe...

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