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November Newsletter 2022

Halloween Havoc is slowly wrapping up! The conclusion for the time-travelling shenanigans will be posted in a few days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, please remember you have until Sunday November 6th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST/EDT to submit your entries to unlock the Upgrades. Three of them (Wretched Tongue, Unfortunate Inner Glow, Pitiful Ears) will be retiring, which means there will be no way of earning them in the future events, therefore be sure to consider applying them on your characters. The deadline for applying Upgrades passes on December 3rd, 2022.

Speaking of Upgrades! The newest addition to the roster in the form of Spiritual Scars seems to cause a bit of confusion when it comes to its application. Spiritual Scars differ from the standard injuries your character can get. These scars are special in a way, as they represent the areas where the soul was damaged, for example while spirit walking. These scars do not behave as common scars. Application wise, they behave more similarly to a marking. They do not affect the shape of the body (no ripped ears or parted fur), and similarly to tier 4 scarring don't result in the loss of any senses, and don't cause damage to the magic organs. They represent a spiritual injury, not a physical one. Additionally, these scars can - if you choose - cause a sort of "phantom pain" in the scarred areas. Finley may feel as if they are experiencing the injury all over again, even if no harm is being done to their bodies.

And here's the announcement many people have been eagerly waiting for: the Slow Mode is lifted! That's right! The group goes back to its full functionality, which means you can, among other things: transfer characters, use MYO keys, and purchase all cash shop items. The Staff would like to thank everyone for their patience. We hope we can get back on track!

Finally, we'd like to remind you that as usual, the group will be closing in January so that staff can take a complete break and gather energy to carry Whistler Crest into 2023 with a solid plan and in full swing. However, this closing will be different from normal. As many of you have noticed, Staff has been more absent than normal and has been struggling with running the group at full capacity. We are aware that this has caused a lot of frustration among members, and for that we apologize and thank you all for your patience thus far. As a result, this closing will be an extended closing to allow staff the extra time to take a proper break, as well as allow us to plan for the future of the group. Our main goal during this extended close is to streamline some functions of the group and to plan ahead for the increasing size of the group, that way members and staff alike can have a much smoother and more enjoyable experience. Please use the next two months to plan carefully and make sure all important approvals are submitted before January. We would also like to encourage members to initiate their own mini member-run events and projects in the meantime! It's something that we would like to see in the future, and this break will be the perfect time to test it out.

Mae: This town never gets to have a break... Good thing nobody was really hurt. Some folks are still no looking so good, though... This is why Dane asked me to help him give out these potions to folks who 'been affected by the gourds. So grab a couple of flasks, list of names and go deliver them.

PROMPTS FOR THE MONTH: Helping the time-travellers

This will count for your 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. Images must be polished with a complex background.

  • Draw your character delivering potions to Finely who were affected by the gourds last month.

Whistler Crest is slowly going back to normal. Thankfully...

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