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March 2022 Newsletter

Hello Whistler Crest! The Flowering Star is here with a bunch of exciting news for today! There is a lot of going on this month, so be prepared to get excited!

First on the list is the return of the Anniversary Children!

That’s right!

From today till March 31st 2022 AT 11:59 PM EST, each Member of Whistler Crest will be given a free gift Slot to create either an Anniversary Draken or Nyulop.

I repeat: the Anniversary Kid Slot does not take any of the Starter Slots! You’re free to make one without the need of purchasing a MYO Key or using other free Slots.

The character may also be placed in Whistler Crest or Xaaida!

If you want to get fancy, you can purchase a Platinum MYO Key to use which will allow you to apply an upgrade of choice on your anni character, if you wish to do so!

Keep in mind, though, that you can create only one Anniversary Kid overall, whether you use a free slot or a Platinum MYO Key.

What? You know nothing about Anniversary Kids? No problem! These pages should answer all your basic questions!

Anni Draken || Anni Nyulop

And even if you do know how to create one it never hurts to take a look again just to be sure nothing slipped your memory.

Once you’ve designed your baby be sure to drop it at the Approvals Channel on Discord so it can be added to the Group! Be mindful however, we are expecting a LOT of new mass approvals at this time!

In other news a little bird also told me that there’s a big Event going on over the Isle of Xaaida. The Islanders are celebrating the First Thaw! Itd be a perfect chance to introduce some new babies to participate in the freshness of wild Spring!

There are also some new Upgrades to check out! Due to January and February not getting any new standard upgrades, we've decided to release a larger amount per species for this month! They will go back to the standard amount of two per one species next month. Upgrades available:



Upgrades will be live on the site shortly!

Mae is finally ready to launch the Town Guard! The paperwork took longer than expected, but with the now warming weather, everyone who successfully signed up for the job will be able to start patrolling the Town!

Mae : Alright you lot, my proposition has finally cleared proper with the council, got the ordered uniforms ready, and got a set schedule put out. The finley who applied seem to be of decent enough shape to start off with, so i hope you all are ready to start training.

Mae: Im not going to just send you out and expect you to defend your town from sour folk, or whatever haywire critters frequent this area, so starting tomorrow, we will meet every morning before the sun rises, at the Guild Hall.

Mae: Meet me there this afternoon to pick up your uniform and badge. Dont forget to bring your weapons either. Congratulations on your new positions, greenhorns! I look forward to what we can do together.

The leporid then gives a curt nod to the finley she gathered for the announcement and walks at a brisk pace towards the Guild Hall, paws clasped behind her back.


Congratulations to the new Town Guardsmen! Those chosen for this job are as follows;

Morning Shift -NiteTheKitten, Scout -SunnyFlavor, Opala -Loveislaw, Bandit -TheLooneyCharboa, Nin -Feralgator, Mesa

Noon Shift -JuPhanromhive, Ellis -NeverHill, Sawyer -VortexLovesToDraw12, Avalon

Night Shift -KAYREDUUU, Tobias -FlareFireFox, Artemis -Crunchy-Cucumber, Apple -ThePokédaycare, Ash -NinjaSoilder, Claire


KIT INCLUDES: Town Guard vest, a basic first aid kit, simple restraints, a time & shift schedule, and a set of rules and conduct **DONT FORGET YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE IN UNIFORM FOR JOB PROMPTS!**



This will count for your weekly 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. You have to do at least 1 prompt to claim your payment. Images must be polished with a complex background. New standard prompts will be out in two weeks!

(Since theres a lot to do, extra time is given)

  • Time to pick up your new uniform! How does your finley feel suiting up for their first real job? Are they excited? Nervous? Draw them trying everything on!

  • Draw your guardsmen finley training with Mae! She will be teaching them various self defense techniques, so show her what your character has to their advantage against a seasoned southwestern sheriff.

  • Draw your characters meeting up with the finley in their shift! Do they know anybody? Are they on friendly terms? Or do they see someone they hate? How are they going to work it out now that they're coworkers?

Last, but not least we have a request from our friendly local farmer!

Your Task:

Remy needs help with his works on the fields as he’s having trouble keeping up the pace after harsh Winter. He’s kindly asking the residents of Whistler Crest to aid him in return for a small fee for the effort. Draw your character helping Remy on his farm. The help may range from cleaning the debris such as stones or branches from the fields, weeding out the wilted plants that were left from previous season to tiling the soil, preparing fertilizers or planting saplings/seeds.

Requirements For This Job:

At least half–body, shaded with a medium background to show the activity and location.

The drawing should be submitted to ‘Monthly Content’ Folder in the Group.

Rewards For This Job:

5 Capella.

This prompt can be repeated three times for a total of 15 Capella.

A Mod will comment under your entry as a proof of completing the prompt.

The Deadline For This Job:

31 March 2022, 11:59PM EST

That concludes this months newsletter! Stay tuned Crestians!

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