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July 2022 Newsletter

What a month! Lots of things going on! Babies crawling everywhere! We hope that despite a couple of tribulations, the Starsail celebration was enjoyable! After such a big event, July will be a quiet month to let everyone take a breath, relax and claim all the spoils that were earned. This also means there will be no Anniversary celebration this month. But does that mean there's absolutely nothing to do? Of course not! For people who are earning for more activities, we have a couple of little things up our sleeve. We'd also like to remind you that the Slow Mode is still ACTIVE in the Group.

We decided to extend the deadline of the Illness Contest to July 31st, because the arrival of the Astralits and everything around this event completely overshadowed the small contest. Additionally, since Astralits are with us now, we want to extend the options and allow baby Astralit illnesses to be entered. Speaking of Astralits, we must bring slightly disappointing news to some people. Despite the initial plans and predictions, the second Astralit Slot will remain locked for another month. The Approval Team has been working hard to keep up with the new Astralits appearing in the approval channel, which meant that all the other sections of approval station were left largely unattended. The extra gap would give us time to catch up and rest after an intense month. Additionally, these extra restrictions are in place: - Growing Up your Astralit is still locked (this includes slow-growing), so the characters of this species will remain babies for a while and should be drawn as such. - Orange Star Transmogrification Potion's use is still restricted for Astralits. You may not use this item to turn an existing character into an Astralit, nor to turn an Astralit into Draken/Nyulop.

Last, but not least, please remember to apply the Upgrades earned during the last Event. You have until the end of the month to apply them.

By popular demand, the Rainbow's Delight is now a purchasable item in the Cash Shop, despite the Slow Mode. Before you place your purchase claim, please be aware that the following Astralit Upgrades can't be transferred to Draken/Nyulop: Star Grabbers, Falling Star Tail, Falling Star Marking, Falling Star Wings, Star Sight, Star Gazers, Starry Bauble, and Mana Panel Wings. Astralits are free to obtain any applicable Draken/Nyulop Upgrade via Rainbow's Delight.

After discussing a side-issue of Anniversary Draken with paw pads, the Mod Team came to the conclusion that locking paw-related Upgrades (including claws) behind a Rainbow's Delight is unfair. Therefore, from now on any paw-related Upgrade can be applied to Anniversary Draken without a Rainbow's Delight; however, other standard requirements (such as application level) must be met.

This information may be found on the Anniversary Draken page for future reference.

The Mod Team is also happy to announce a revamp of the whiskers for Nyulops! We have heard your suggestions, comments and concerns, and we've been trying to work on a solution. Here it finally is!

The main focus of this revamp was Leporids' whiskers. They were made slimmer, distinctly longer, and the Unlucky variation has a deeper notch to make them more recognizable. These changes prompted the addition of Mythles' whiskers to become even longer as to not be confused with Leporid. Mythles also have a distinct notch of their own, being shorter and shallower than the other Nyulop subspecies. To encourage you to practice drawing these new variations, we have stolen an unfinished plushie from Barney!

Or we actually took more than one... Feel free to practice drawing the whiskers and if you do, be sure to share the results in #staff-challenge-submissions on Discord to be rewarded 5 Capella for your efforts! To qualify for the rewards, you should complete the whole set (8 plushies) and include at least two species variations (for example Leporid and Standard) as well as Lucky/Unlucky examples.

This month we have three new upgrades for you, one for each species and one universal. Their details can be found in each species' respective category.




Additionally, the Equinox Antlers may now be applied on the solstices in addition to the equinoxes. Their descriptions have been updated to reflect this, so check them for the complete details.

Mae: Alright! There's been enough of loafing around for us! No more chasing ghosts, no more sitting with heads buried in the books. Time to get back to work and make sure the town is safe. Especially with all these little ones running around. I want you to go around and ask if anyone spotted anything suspicious going on. Do a general welfare check and report back to me.


This will count for your 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. Images must be polished with a complex background.

  • Draw your character patrolling the town.

  • Draw your character talking with an NPC of choice.

The characters must be wearing their guard uniform.

The town is full of crawling babies! What more do you want?!

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